20 Fourth of July Social Media Captions For Food & Beverage Marketers

Given the fact that each person on the DMA social media team manages multiple social media accounts on behalf of our clients, we know just how time-consuming coming up with content and captions can be. As we quickly approach the Fourth of July weekend, make sure you have a post (or posts) scheduled to capture your audience’s attention on this special day and event. We’ve rounded up 20 social media caption ideas you can use this weekend to drive engagement and connect with your shoppers!

20 Social Media Captions For Food & Beverage Marketers To Use On The Fourth of July

  1. Red, white, & BBQ!
  2. *Lettuce* celebrate the red, white, & blue!
  3. Alexa, play “Party In The U.S.A” by Miley Cyrus
  4. Fourth of July weekend means you have an excuse to get all up in someone’s grill!
  5. Cheers to you, USA!
  6. Fourth of July = the *berry* best weekend of the year!
  7. Here are our favorite recipes that are sure to make your Fourth of July SPARKLE!
  8. Suns out, (hot dog) buns out!
  9. We hope you have a BLAST this weekend! What is your favorite Fourth of July tradition?
  10. When in doubt, grill it out!
  11. Time to celery-brate the US of A!
  12. Nothing says “Happy Birthday, America” like friends, fireworks, and food!
  13. Did you know over 74 million people plan to grill out each Fourth of July? Use one of these recipes to join in on the fun!
  14. Moments like these are “one in a melon!”
  15. Spark up the grill and fireworks this weekend for a Fourth of July that bursts with flavor!
  16. Grab your main squeeze and create these refreshing drink recipes for your Fourth of July get-together!
  17. I only have *pies* for you, America!
  18. How to celebrate the Fourth of July: pop, fizz, pour – repeat!
  19. We hope this is the *sweetest* Fourth of July yet!
  20. Happy Fourth of July! We’re so grateful for this country, fresh food, and shoppers like you! ❤️

If you’re needing more social media support than just captions, give us a call! We’d love to chat.