Three Marketing Trends You Need to Capitalize On in 2023

Marketing Trends
Believe it or not, 2023 is just around the corner! Is your marketing ready to help move your product on shelves?
Our marketing technology partner, Hubspot, recently published their annual Marketing Strategy & Trends Report for 2023, and it includes great insights for fresh produce marketers! We recommend you download the report, but if you’re short on time, we’ve recapped what we think is most important below! Keep reading to learn more…

Three Marketing Trends You Need To Capitalize On In 2023

Trend: Short-form videos will see the most growth in 2023

According to the report, only one-third of marketers are utilizing short-form videos on social media even though short-form videos have the highest ROI of any of the trends on the list. So, what does this mean for fresh produce marketers? If you’re not using Instagram Reels as part of your comprehensive social media strategy, you’re likely missing out on hundreds of thousands of impressions that will increase exposure for your brand.
We’ve been integrating Reels like the one below into some of our clients’ social platforms and have seen incredible results. In fact, this particular video has almost 10K views! With its typically low production cost and high ROI, we aren’t surprised that short-form video tops Hubspot’s list of marketing trends for 2023.

Trend: Influencer marketing will continue to grow its high ROI

Influencers are an incredibly effective way to reach a large audience at a relatively low cost. Influencers have built a loyal following and promote products they believe in, so when they are promoting your messaging on their platforms, their followers are paying attention. Influencer marketing is on the rise, and 17% of marketers are planning to invest in it for the first time in the upcoming year.
What does this mean for fresh produce marketers? Our clients leverage influencers not only for the influencers’ audience base, but also for content for websites and social media. Most influencers we use are also recipe creators and they provide recipes and videos with every post. Additionally, influencers with a large TikTok following are a great way to bring your brand onto this emerging platform in an authentic way.
Check out this TikTok video from an influencer partner for our client, LGS Sales. We put this recipe on the LGS website, and it is consistently a top performer!


Trend: Branded Social Media Direct Messaging Tactics Are Growing

According to the Hubspot report, more companies are using direct messaging (or DMs) to speak directly with shoppers. These branded messages give your shoppers a more immediate experience with your brand, and 29% of marketers in the report have already begun utilizing these types of tactics.

So, as fresh produce marketers, open your DMs – especially if you’re utilizing any kind of e-commerce! Social media platforms are going to continue to evolve with in-app e-commerce solutions on the rise, so direct messaging will become even more crucial. Soon, your customers could discover your products, make a purchase, get fast customer service, and leave a review for your products – all without leaving their social media app. Make sure you switch your settings to allow messages from anyone, not just your followers.

Aside from providing customer service via direct messages, a unique way to capitalize on this trend is to start a chatbot! If you’re using Hubspot, a chatbot service is included in most plans, and it can consolidate your messages from Facebook and your website into one place, making it easy to track what messages have gotten a response. 

If you need help with any of the above, give us a shout! We’ve been furthering fresh food brands for decades, and we’d love to add your brand to our growing list of clients.