Your 2019 Fresh Summit Experience in GIFs

It’s game time, people of produce! On the eve of Fresh Summit, we’re here to present you with some of the laughable moments with which we’re all too familiar from numerous years attending the “Super Bowl” of fresh produce. As you cross off those last to-do’s before you head to the convention center, take a moment to laugh and commiserate—and we will see you in Anaheim!  

What Fresh Summit 2019 Will Be Like

When you first start Fresh Summit planning:

 Trying to fit all of your work in preparation for the show:

 Getting pumped up on the plane:

When your press release gets prime real estate in an industry publication right before the show:

When you realize you forgot something somewhat important (like business cards!):

Walking through your hotel lobby, which is full of tourists en route to Disneyland:

Walking into the opening reception:

When the reception has free mini-hamburgers, mini-hot dogs, or any other “mini” foods:

Getting ready on Friday morning:

Listening to Magic Johnson speak about challenging yourself to victory:

When walking onto the show floor for the first time:

Getting the booth set up:

When black carpet arrives and it’s supposed to be blue:

Making last-minute changes to the booth:

When we finish the booth and it looks AWESOME:

When our whole team is in sync about the schedule and game plan:

Peeking into Fresh Summit’s Fresh Ideas Showcase:

When a colleague asks how we’re supposed to get through the PMA Foundation 5K for Race for Talent:

Finishing the PMA Foundation 5k Race For Talent:

When you talk to the PMA Center for Growing Talent Career Pathways students:

Landing a new lead in the booth:

Trying to eat on the tradeshow floor:

Whenever you see booth babes on the show floor:

When a booth is serving cocktails:

Telling yourself it will be okay to have a few drinks:

When Dan’l hits the stage after-hours on Friday:

When Danl Hits The Stage After-Hours-DMA Solutions-1

Trying to carry home all the swag you collected:

Waking up on Saturday morning after a night of cocktail receptions and fun parties:

Getting inspired by Queen Latifah at the Women’s Fresh Perspectives Leadership Breakfast:

Winning Best-in-Show:

Walking in the door once you get home after the show:

Here’s hoping this list gave you a chuckle or two–and before we see you in Anaheim, make sure to check out what will be new to the show this year to prepare yourself for the show!

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