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Posted by DMA Solutions TeamJune 29, 2018 3:30 PM

After 4 years (going on 5!), $600,000 raised, 180+ salad bars and countless friendships, we’re getting closer and closer to what is shaping up to be the best Tour de Fresh yet!


The 5th Annual 2018 Tour is just a month away and we need your help and support to reach our goal to raise more than $175,000 and provide 50 new salad bars to school districts in need across the nation. What could be a better way to support your Fresh Produce Industry peers while increasing children’s consumption of fresh fruits and veggies? There’s more than one way to make a difference, so take advantage of getting involved through one of these four ways:



Each Tour de Fresh rider has a fundraising goal of $3,500 and they could use your help reaching it. Why $3,500? Simply because that is the cost to bring one salad bar to a school in need. Every single Tour de Fresh donation, big or small, benefits children across the country by increasing their access to fresh fruits and vegetables during breakfast and lunch hours at school. Not only is your donation creating these healthy eating opportunities, but it’s shaping healthy eating behaviors for a lifetime. Click here to donate to one of our 2018 Tour de Fresh riders, or donate to the general fund if you don’t see a familiar face.


Come Cheer Everyone on at the Finish Line Festival

Attendees of our first ever Finish Line Festival will have to break out their dancing shoes because there will be live music at this year's closing event! First, come cheer the riders on as they cross the finish line around 11:30 am on Thursday, July 26 at Monterey’s Wharf Marketplace. Then, the Finish Line Ceremony will transform into a festive event that will commence as soon as the ride concludes. If you still want to join the cause, it’s not too late to become a Finish Line Festival Sponsor and host a 10x10 booth at the festival to feature your products or services. The event will be promoted to the industry, local media and the local community at large.


Reach out to for more details!


Support Fundraising Initiatives

From hotdog cookouts to everyone packing their lunches to donate their “eating out” money, Fresh Produce companies are hosting company-wide events to support their riders. Join the fun and keep an eye on Tour de Fresh social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), for upcoming events and initiatives!


Spread the Word

Know someone in the industry who wants to increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables? We might know a few, too… Help spread the word about the Tour de Fresh and what we are trying to accomplish.


Whether you donate, join the cause, support fundraising initiatives, or simply help to spread the word, getting involved will contribute to an amazing cause that could easily alter the lives of our youth. Find out more about the 2018 Tour de Fresh here!


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