4 Ways to Humanize Your Brand

7K0A0518_post.pngThink about the people in your life who you trust the most. You have a deep, personal connection with them. You confide in them when you’re facing a problem and they respond with sympathy and a solution. These people aren’t afraid to be themselves around you and you know their personality by heart.

Now think about your favorite brands. When a brand is able to make a similar, almost human connection with a person as what I described above, it is extremely powerful. A connection like this results in long-term brand evangelism and loyalty, not to mention a sustainable bottom line. So, how do you get there? I’ve outlined four ways to humanize your brand and form a valuable, personal connection below.

Personalize consumer touch points

In a world with infinite ways to communicate and make an impression, if you aren’t personalizing the message, you aren’t providing a unique experience. People want to feel special and it’s your job to cater to that want by personalizing each touch point. It’s as simple as replying to a comment on social media like you’re old friends or targeting emails based on a person’s interests. Even signing an email with your real name (not your company’s) can transform the way your brand is perceived. Each personal touch makes a difference and delivers a human element that will keep people coming back for more.

Listen to what your audience wants and deliver

People want to be heard and it’s your job to listen. Make an effort to find out more about your audience by sending out a survey or using forms to learn about your audience. The more you know, the better you can deliver content and solutions to meet their needs. For example, if you know that your customers’ biggest concerns are food safety, quality and convenience, provide content to them about your food safety audits, quality assurance team and convenient packaging to put them at ease!

You can also stand out and listen to your audience by avoiding replying to questions, issues or needs with a generic, scripted response. Instead, take the time to personally address the issue and attempt to fix the problem. Plus, following up with them after the fact and checking on their level of satisfaction will make it even better!

Let your personality shine

Think about all of the mediums through which you reach people every day. There’s email, website, blog posts, social media platforms – the list goes on and on. Finding your voice and letting your personality shine throughout all touch points allows your audience to familiarize themselves with the human behind the marketing. After all, people like talking with people, not spam or generic mass messages. Start considering your brand’s ideal voice and tone. Is it funny, sarcastic, or passionate? Discovering your “voice” will set your brand up for long-term success.

Show real photos and videos of your company

Showing the actual humans behind your brand… now that’s a great way to humanize it! Whether it’s a Facebook cover photo of your team on costume day or an iPhone video of your fall harvest, your audience will appreciate the inside view of your company. Try adding fun shots to your Website, Instagram and even your LinkedIn profile.

Letting your brand’s personality shine through while delivering your audience the content they crave is a sure way to present a “human” brand. If you’re looking for help establishing your brand’s voice or managing social media, click here – we’d love to connect with you to lend a helping hand.