5 Hacks to Boost Email Open Rates

Email marketing is an important tool for most marketers’ today. Email is a great way to promote product launches, sweepstakes, share updates with your customers and also nurture consumer contacts with recipes, coupons and other usage ideas for your products. Recently we participated in a webinar with Bridgeline Marketing to explore their 5 hacks to boost email open rates. We are constantly striving to improve upon our efforts so we wanted to share our key takeaways with our fellow fresh produce marketers so you can boost your email open rates too!


The 5 Tips to Boost Open Email Rates

Optimize Your Emails for Multiple Devices

First and foremost, you must identify how your audience is viewing their email. According to Email Monday, “checking email on smartphones dominates throughout the day, desktop use peaks around mid-morning, and tablet use spikes at night and during the weekend.” Identifying how your audience consumes emails will help you optimize your email marketing strategy and increase your email open rate. In our mobile age, we highly recommend ensuring your emails are optimized to adjust to multiple types of devices and screens.


Clean Up Your Database

While we all work hard to cultivate and engage with our contact database, there is normally a population that has not engaged with us in a very, very long time. Leads that were once active have become inactive subscribers. Activating a reactivation campaign allows you to segment who wants to hear from you and who does not want to hear from you. Segmenting and re-activating your contacts may reduce your database size but it will maximize your return on investment, increase your email engagement and improve email deliverability.

Create an Engaging Subject Line with Personalization

Subject lines are such a crucial aspect to email marketing. While often not prioritized, subject lines are great at grabbing your readers’ attention and they’re one of the best ways to achieve high email engagement. Focus on front-loading your subject line with the most important information while adding personalization to ensure your email stands out in a crowded digital space.

Avoid Language Pitfalls

Simple language pitfalls can have a massive impact on your email marketing efforts. Typos, misspelling words and poor grammar are mistakes that can cause a consumer lose trust in your brand. In addition, a subject line in ALL CAPS, vague call-to-actions and a passive voice will not spark engagement from your audience. Avoid these language pitfalls and consider using powerful words such as new, guarantee, proven, you and free to hook your audience and inspire them to engage.

Use Analytics to Adjust Your Timing

The old marketing mantra called “The Rule of 7” states that it takes prospects 7 touch-points with a company to take an action. Email marketing is a great way to nurture prospects throughout their buyer journey but we don’t want to send them 7 emails at one time. It’s been identified that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the best days for email engagement. Learn how to review your email analytics to identify how frequently you should be emailing your contacts.   

Remember, creating amazing content for your emails is only beneficial if your emails are being opened. By utilizing these 5 email hacks, you’re sure to see higher open rates and increased engagement from your audiences.

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