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Posted by Jordan ConferApril 13, 2022 6:00 AM

As we enter into a season when spring cleaning is on the brain, stretch yourself to think beyond your closet or kitchen cabinets and into your marketing efforts. Specifically, how you can spring clean your social media strategy. If you haven’t taken a deep dive into your social media efforts lately, now is the time! 

Now, before I dive in and potentially startle you with the amount of work we recommend, know that we’d love to help you with this. At DMA, we offer bite-sized to full-blown social media assessments to help you better understand your current audience as well as maximize your efforts to see results for your brand. However, if this isn’t in your budget at this moment, we’re sharing some tips below for you to create your own. 

5 Steps To Deep Clean Your Brand’s Social Media 

1. Assess your current audience

Start by breaking down your audience on each platform. Not only the number of followers, which is important to know but also the demographics. It’s important to understand the age of your followers, if they’re male or female, where they’re located, etc. This will be important when drafting messaging or sharing content. For example, if your audience is mainly made up of mainly baby boomers, consider how you can better serve them through your messaging and content as well as brainstorm ways you can pull in a younger demographic. 


2. Assess each platform 

Now, take a look at each platform your brand is on (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc.). Really take a look at these platforms and the results you’re receiving from them and ask yourself some questions. Do you need to still be on some of them? Are there any you aren’t on that you maybe should be?

Another reason to access each platform is to see what content is working on some platforms that might not be working on others. Sure there is room for duplication potentially on Facebook and Instagram, but LinkedIn is a totally different story. For example, the content you’re sharing on Instagram (consumer-facing images, recipes, blogs, etc.) shouldn’t necessarily be shared across LinkedIn. Maybe the image is the same, but the messaging should be completely different as LinkedIn is primarily for reaching a B2B audience, not B2C. 


3. Assess your content and assets 

Now it’s time to access your current content and the assets available to you in order to determine what you might need going forward. Do you have a surplus of field photos but only a few recipe photos? Do you have video content? Compile your existing content into a folder and separate the content into different categories. This may take some time upfront but will save you later when you’re working on content. It will also help you identify gaps in your assets so you can make a plan to make your content more full and well-rounded. 


4. Assess your goals 

If you’re currently working toward goals for social media, it’s time to check in. Are you on track? Or do you need to reevaluate? If you’ve fallen behind and know it’s due to just a lack of resources or time available, we totally understand and empathize with how much time managing social media can take. However, there are other reasons why you may be behind on goals, in which case, resetting your benchmarks may be needed. For example, if you planned to hit 1.5 million impressions but then you pivoted strategy mid-year to only focus on driving website traffic, readjust your goals so you’re focused on hitting the mark. 


5. Put things into action 

Now for the fun part! Pull together your findings from each of these sections and dive deep into a study. What actionable takeaways can you implement from this exercise? As mentioned before, if your audience is made up of solely baby boomers, adjust your content to better serve them and brainstorm strategies to reach a younger audience. If you realize Twitter isn’t serving your brand, stop spending the precious hours in your day working on content. When you put together your content audit, did you see any gaps? For instance, do you have a ton of field photography but little recipe photography? If so, consider partnering with an influencer or recipe developer. If you’ve adjusted your strategy mid-year or realize you aimed too high or too low on any of your goals, adjust them so you can keep striving to achieve great results for your brand. 

I know this can sound time-consuming, but the reward can definitely outweigh the effort. Social media is too important to be the last item on your to-do list so strive to set aside time to spring clean this crucial tool. And again, if you already know there is no way you can add this to your to-do list, give us a call! We enlist our entire social media team to create a tailored, customized assessment specific to your brand so you can start seeing results.


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