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Kendra Knieriem
Posted by Kendra KnieriemMarch 2, 2018 1:12 PM

If you’ve tried to manage social media for your company, you’ve likely realized exactly how time consuming it can be. We are constantly looking for ways to help marketers do more with social media despite limited resources. Here 5 ways we’ve been able to do more with less on social media:

Create multiple versions of one piece of content:

Anytime you create something new, do yourself and your brand a favor and get the most out of it! If you take photos for your brand, think about taking multiple shots from different angles that you can share on multiple occasions. If you’re taking a recipe shot, try taking photos of the steps along the way. This provides more pieces of content that you’ll have to share with your audiences. To take your content to new levels, try taking different types of shots. Still photographs, boomerangs, and video clips all work well.

Keep your content versatile:

When you create blog posts or new photography for your brand, try not to make it too specific to a holiday or event. This will allow you to use your content beyond a single holiday. For example, if you’re taking a photo of red, white, and blue popsicles for the Fourth of July, keep out any July 4th specific décor so you can also share these photos for other American holidays such as Memorial Day.

Engage with your audiences instead of only creating new content and publishing:

Creating content takes time and money, so what if you had a way to still be present and active on social without new content everyday? Alternate days where you share original content and days where you spend time social listening and engaging with audiences who are already talking about your product. For example, if you are a celery brand, engage with users on social that are talking about celery and already sharing their own celery recipes to supplement your original content.

Share content from other users:

When you’re lacking new and original content, use these chances to share content from other users. Find bloggers who relate well to your brand and share pieces of content that you know your audiences will react well to. Make sure to tag the handles of the bloggers of content you are sharing to give them a little love and start to build your influencer relationships.

Analyze your content:

By determining what your best performing posts are, you’ll know what connects best with your audiences. This will help you build a collection of top performing content that you can use to inspire new content that you create. A great way to re-purpose content is to share it on relevant days of the year. Our Social Media Calendar is packed full of National Food Holidays that several of your top performing posts could fall under. When you share them, be sure to utilize the corresponding hashtag for the holiday.

Now that you’re equipped to get the most out of your content on social, discover ways to keep your 2018 content persuasive to ensure you get your audiences to take action. Have questions on how to get the most out of your social media? Reach out to us for a free social media consultation.

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