7 Easy Ways to Show Gratitude in 2018

As marketers, we often get caught up in finding creative solutions, meeting goals, and making deadlines, but we sometimes forget to thank the very people who helped us along the way. While it’s known that millennials are big on positive affirmation, keep in mind that studies show that showing gratitude is the real deal. It not only affects the people you share it with, but increases your own mental and emotional well-being. Not only that, but leaders who actively show gratitude for their employees see higher productivity and loyalty within their companies – from all ages

In 2018 and in honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re resolving to show more gratitude to our clients and colleagues. Here are 7 ways you can too:

Ways to Show Gratitude 

1. Say thank you.

No shocker here, but the easiest way to show gratitude is to verbally thank the people you spend time with. While your colleagues or vendors may just be “doing their job,” they’re also a part of the team it takes to do yours – so show some appreciation.

2. Write a handwritten thank-you note.

Take 5 minutes every week or two and tell someone that you’re thankful for their support, leadership, or can-do attitude. And, if someone gives you a gift, make it a habit to send a handwritten thank you note as well!

3. Take someone to lunch.

Feeding someone is an age-old form of gratitude, and who doesn’t appreciate some time out of the office to connect?

4. Serve someone, just because.

Offer to support someone in a way that you normally wouldn’t be required to – whether that’s to jump in on a project at work, pick up someone’s coffee, or help someone put groceries into their car. Consideration goes a long way, not only in your personal life, but in the way you affect your company’s culture.

5. Give a personal gift.

Whether you’re able to give someone their favorite sweet treat, a gift card to a place you know they frequent, or something you saw on Amazon that you knew that person would love, the point is that a thoughtful gift goes the extra step in personalizing your gratitude.

6. Offer public praise.

Now, stay with me – if you live under the belief system that “participation awards” are absolute crap, I hear you and I’m with you. The difference is that public praise creates an opportunity not only to recognize someone for their outstanding efforts or attitude, but to teach to the culture that you’re creating within your organization. When you say to a group of people “I want to recognize this person for their attitude or effort in this way” it’s saying to your team “this is what winning looks like, and we should aim for this.” It’s a form of gratitude, but also a great leadership technique.

7. Volunteer.

This is something you can do to personally show gratitude. Whether you’re passionate about helping kids or serving food to the homeless, giving back to people who can’t give you anything in return is one of the most rewarding ways to count your blessings.

I’ll encourage you with this final challenge – bring a spirit of gratitude into your home, your office, and your daily routine and just watch how the atmosphere begins to shift as a result.

“The greatest source of happiness is the ability to be grateful at all times.” – Zig Ziglar

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