Back to the Basics: Get this Free Social Media 101 Tool

You’ve spoken, and we’ve answered! As we ask fellow fresh produce marketers about the tools that would help them with their marketing efforts, social media support continues to be a top priority. To help with this, we’ve created an ebook that addresses everything from the basic rules of social media, to content planning, to analytics and advertising.

You can download our free ebook today, which addresses the following fundamental principles of social media marketing:

Social Media 101

We break down each social media platform with the stats that you need to know in order to effectively plan for what best serves your audiences. In addition, we’ve got some basic time-saving tips that will help you maximize efforts on each platform, and the social media faux pas to avoid if you want to successfully engage with audiences.

Content Planning

One size DOES NOT fit all for social media content, so we’ve made it easier to plan by giving you the visual specs for each platform, along with content tips that we follow to create the best experience for audiences.

Advertising and Analytics

What is social media marketing if you can’t measure it? We break down the importance of social media analytics, and advertising do’s and don’ts so that you’re able to identify what success looks like for your brand on social media.


While each social platform provides unique analytics to report on, one thing stays the same: it’s important to measure engagement AND community. You can’t have one without the other, because a large community with no engagement (or vice versa) will weaken the overall success of your brand.

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