Brand Identity Design Services: Unlocking the Potential of Your Brand

High-performing brands typically share something in common: they have excellent and consistent brand design. Sound like an exaggeration? You might want to consider a few stats that tell this very story.

The Power of Brand Identity Design

74% of the S&P 100 rebranded their business in the first seven years. 

So often we see brands holding on to original brand design for decades. Understandably, nostalgia or legacy can play a role in those decisions. Brand identity can feel very personal – especially for family-run businesses. The breadth and depth of a legacy is found in the ultimate success of a brand…and research shows that success directly correlates to a brand’s design.

55% of brand first impressions are visual. That’s not so far-fetched, is it? As humans, we are naturally drawn to things we find attractive. We choose vacation destinations based on the most picturesque scenery. We pin the most beautiful cars to our dream boards. We choose the most tantalizing images on a menu. We are hard-wired to want what we like to look at. No matter your products or services, visual design impacts the demand for your products.

Even the simple things matter. Consumers are 81% more likely to recall a brand’s color than to remember its name. Iconic brand colors are forever etched in our brains. Coca-Cola’s red and white, Ikea’s blue and yellow, and Starbucks’ green and white. You see the trend of less is more in these examples. The goal of a logo should be to create something memorable – not a complex image that tries to pack your brand story into a tiny picture. Don’t expect your audience to dissect brand imagery and arrive at a very nuanced conclusion. Give them something they can easily recognize.

The Power of Brand Consistency

Marq’s research found that presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 33%. That’s a pretty strong case for developing and adhering to a set of brand standards. From website design to social media content and packaging to advertising, give your customers a standardized brand experience that reinforces recall and familiarity. So how do you do that?

Three Ways To Present Brand Consistency

  1. Define a set of brand standards.
  2. Develop a brand guide with logo usage guidelines, colors, typography, graphic elements, illustrations, and photography styling.
  3. Train your team on how to use the brand guide and establish checkpoints to ensure standards are being maintained.

The Power of Website Design

Standford Web Credibility Research found that 75% of website users admit to making judgments about a company’s credibility based on their website’s design and a Research Gate survey identified that first impressions of websites are 94% related to design.  Oftentimes, your website is the first real brand experience your customers have with you. This data confirms that your revenue potential is undeniably impacted by your website design…which is directly related to your brand identity design.

Brand Identity Design Services

So now what? Maybe you’ve been considering a brand overhaul. Or maybe you recently rolled out a new logo, but have not fully implemented a complete brand update across all your assets. DMA Solutions provides clients with all-inclusive brand identity design services from soup to nuts. We can help you prioritize and plan out the rebranding process. A complete brand overhaul can take up to 12 to 18 months from start to finish, so patience is key. Our team of brand strategists and designers is ready to provide you with white glove service every step of the way.

If you would like to discuss your brand identity needs and learn about our process, we’d love to schedule a call with you. Contact us today!