Fresh Brands on Instagram Worth Crushing On

We are always on the lookout for inspiration, and what better place to find it than other produce brands busy killing it on the ‘Gram! Check out some of the brands we’re crushing on and what we think makes them successful on social media.

4 Produce Brands Killing it On Instagram

Imperfect Foods (formerly Imperfect Produce)

“Perfectly imperfect,” this produce brand thrives on showcasing its produce no matter what it looks like. Their brand harnesses graphics (along with the occasional cat photo) to lend a lighthearted feel to its content. The designed element adds both a creative and playful demeanor, while also giving an informative stance on the product and how to enjoy it.

Imperfect Foods


Pitaya Plus

Talk about having a branded color palette! Pitaya Plus carries its selected range of colors throughout the feed. They showcase their products in a vibrant and beautiful manner in a variety of ways. They also present collaborator brands beautifully and not just as side characters. We don’t know about you, but our dragon fruit craving is real.



Australian Sweet Potatoes

The Australian Sweet Potatoes Instagram feed has us drooling. One product, so many possibilities! If you thought sweet potatoes were just for Thanksgiving, this company will prove you wrong with many delicious looking recipes that truly show off this product. Their staging is effortlessly positioned and each photo beautifully illustrates the textures and colors of the recipe. The brand’s robust variety proves that there is no limit to the content you can create if you focus on being relevant and timely.



T & T Produce

Sometimes keeping it simple is just right. T & T does an amazing job of presenting their produce in its entirety. There are no distractions and no cover-ups, just honest and simple produce. Often, brands can try to “doctor up” a product to make it look more appetizing, but we also love the approach of showcasing produce in its natural form…and their impressive number of followers seems to agree!




As produce companies continue to expand their presence on social media, we can’t help but to be excited to be part of that movement. Showcasing fresh in this way allows consumers to see the many possibilities, and hopefully begin to incorporate fresh more often in their daily food habits.

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