Fresh Produce Brands You’ll Love On Instagram

We actively seek out and hunt for brands that are doing marketing well on a regular basis.  Lately we’ve been crushing on brands in the fresh produce industry that are taking their game on the ‘Gram very seriously! Read on for the brands that made our list and why we think they’re doing such a great job.

Fresh Produce Brands You’ll Love On Instagram

Love Beets

The Love Beets Instagram feed has our social media team waiting on bated breath for this team’s next post. With one humble product taking center stage, the brand produces content featuring so many inspiriting possibilities! The brand’s staging efforts are effortlessly positioned and each photo beautifully illustrates the textures and colors of the recipe so well, you can almost taste it. The brand’s robust variety proves that there is no limit to the content you can create if you focus on being relevant and timely.


Pitaya Foods

Talk about having a branded color palette! Pitaya Foods carries its selected range of colors throughout the feed. They showcase their products in a vibrant and beautiful manner in a variety of ways. They also present collaborator brands beautifully and not just as side characters. We don’t know about you, but our dragon fruit craving is real.


Bako Sweet

Sweet potatoes first. The Bako Sweet Instagram feed is filled with delicious food photography, and yet they still make it a priority to highlight their fields in Bakersfield, CA. By highlighting their roots, Bako creates authentic content that is true to the brand’s values.



Their photos are bright and yellow helping to create a cohesive and visually appealing feed. Chiquita takes visual cues directly from their produce – bananas – to create a gorgeous feed that focuses on the geometry and shape of their products, while not so subtly showcasing their calling card – The Chiquita sticker.


As produce companies continue to expand their presence on social media, we can’t help but to be excited to be part of that movement. Showcasing fresh in this way allows consumers to see the many possibilities, and hopefully begin to incorporate fresh more often in their daily food habits.