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Posted by DMA Solutions TeamJune 11, 2019 6:03 PM

It’s that time of year again: the summer tradeshow season is upon us, and you have to have your ducks in a row to make a lasting impression. All the work behind the scenes is put on display on the floor, and having a strategy in place for how to stay social during the show is key to conveying your brand voice after the doors close. Whether to the consumer or retail customer, your social presence in B2B marketing works to create opportunities on multiple different levels. At DMA, we approach every show as an empty canvas on which we can create opportunities based on how we present ourselves in person as well as how we follow-through on social media. Here are a few proven strategies for "getting social" on the show floor:


Tradeshow Social Media Strategies

Feed Your Feed(s)

At the end of the day, social media is all about the proof being in the pudding. Showcasing your presence on social media at any event allows customers to view your brand from every angle. Creating before, during, and after social posts is imperative when approaching your show social strategy. Think first about your brand look and voice, then consider your audience for this event or show. How do you want to be conveyed? What do you want people to do and feel when encountering this content?

Before the show: set the standards early with pre-show teasers like countdown posts or announcements on your feed that will ignite excitement. Give a glimpse into what is in store…without fully revealing your bag of tricks for the show. Take this as an opportunity to be creative and add a vibrant change to your social feeds within your brand voice and aesthetic. While at the show, be sure to engage on your social feeds! Creating show-related Instagram story templates (a couple examples below!) is a perfect way to show dedication to the show and creativity. Make sure to capture images at your booth for use during and after the show. This, along with using tools like Instagram Stories, allows you to show transparency and interact with your audience in the moment.




Hashtag It and Brand It

Most pivotal industry events use a hashtag to showcase what is happening before and during the show. You should adopt this hashtag in order to make sure your content is front and center for the event—place it on your own branded content in order to align with that tag exposure. When appropriate, use the event tag as much as possible during sessions and big moments. We often use show hashtags within our content and stories displaying the DMA presence on the floor. To take it a step further, you also can create your own brand tag for the show. Use it leading up to the show in order to create buzz and be sure to add it to any materials—from napkins to displays—toward which people will naturally gravitate.


Give Them Something to Talk About

Some of the biggest trends in the social world today involve a mix of trendiness and guerilla marketing. Never doubt the fact that people love the opportunity to take a good photo (including selfies) in front of something hyper-creative or interesting! Murals and display walls help create opportunities that will have your audience talking about your work long after the show ends. (And don’t forget to hashtag it with your branded hashtag!) Interactive displays make for great social attractions that allow people on the floor to engage with your brand firsthand. Take this as an opportunity to educate people in a new, innovative way when they come to your booth.


As we progress into this space where social media is becoming more powerful by the day, it is crucial to have your hand on the pulse of the tools, trends, and tricks that can help elevate your brand online. Especially when it comes to B2B interactions, how much effort you put into social media can allude to how much you are looking to invest in your brand’s endeavors—not just at the show, but in terms of your potential to be a contender in the industry.


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