How Popular Resolutions Shape Marketing Decisions

When it comes to getting a fresh start in the New Year, everyone’s mind is on the same thing…. resolutions! This is great for marketers because we can strategically position what we’re selling as the solution to our audience’s problem. While it’s great for all marketers, I would argue that it is even better for fresh produce marketers! Why, you ask? Well, think about the most common resolutions people make. 

According to Statista’s 2021 New Year’s Resolution study, the top 4 resolutions are:  

1. More exercise 

2. Losing weight 

3. Saving more money 

4. Improving diet 

This is great news for us as three out of the four of these can be directly resolved by eating more fresh produce.  You could even argue that buying more fresh produce and cooking at home more could result in saving money. 

So how exactly do these resolutions show up in marketing? Well, they should show up in every aspect of your marketing strategy. For example, your content in January should be more focused on eating healthy and low-calorie meals rather than the warm, comfort-food type content you would typically share around the holidays. 

Walgreens has a great example of using trending resolutions to inform their marketing. In the commercial below, Walgreens is playing off of the common resolution people make to exercise more. What’s funny is that no one necessarily considers Walgreens a workout brand. However, as you see in this commercial, they are playing into the problem that their hero (audience) experiences: they want to work out more, but it can be overwhelming and hard to get started but Walgreens makes it easy!

Another great example of using popular resolutions to inform marketing decisions is this 2019 commercial from Better Help, an online therapy tool. This commercial follows a woman who is writing her resolutions for the upcoming year, listing things like “express myself” and “seize the day.” Finally, at the end of the commercial, her resolution is to be happy. Better Help positions itself as the solution to these resolutions without directly saying “we will help you reach your resolutions.” 

Now that you have a better idea of how intertwined marketing is with resolution making, and quite frankly all of the common human experiences, think about how your brand can use popular resolutions to position your product or service as the solution to your audience’s problem. 

If you need help planning for the new year or ideas on how to create marketing campaigns that will make your product or service the solution to your hero’s problem.  Contact us so we can work together on shaping your messaging!