Using Pop Culture and Current Events to Shape Social Media

Social media and pop culture have become intertwined in recent years, and for good reason. Social media shapes the conversation around pop culture, while pop culture shapes the way people use social media. At this point, pop culture and social media are so connected, it feels like we can’t have one without the other. Given that, why aren’t marketers always considering pop culture and current events when planning social media strategy and creatives? Here’s why you should be:

Elements That Should Shape Your Social Media

Trending Topics

As a social media marketer, you know it is important to stay on top of what is trending. By playing into popular trends, you can more easily and authentically start a conversation with your audience. If you can find a way to play off of a topic that is already “going viral” (or at least getting a lot of attention), it helps garner additional engagement since so many people are already discussing that topic. This doesn’t just include what you are posting, but also HOW you are posting. For example: are you seeing a lot of successful live-streaming or Instagram TV? Less tweeting? Lots of BTS Instagram stories? If so, these could be post types you want to focus on—or at least try out—in the near future.

Pop Culture Events

Whether it’s the Grammys, March Madness, or the release of the new movie that everyone is talking about, there is no doubt that people will be using social media to share their opinions. If you can find ways to play into these things, you can be more relatable to your customers because you care about the same things they care about!


Current Events

Sometimes “trend-jacking” current events can be tricky, but nonetheless, when you are aware of and talking about the things that are going on in the world (when appropriate and applicable), your audience can relate to you. This helps your brand come off as a little more human and relatable, which allows people to get to know the personality behind the profile. Holidays—including fun but unofficial “holidays” like Star Wars Day (May the Fourth)—make for a great opportunity to lend a little levity to your social posts.


Ways to Integrate Culture Events into Your Social Strategy

Creative Copy

If you don’t have an abundance of photography that directly relates to various popular events, never fear: you still have your words! Don’t be afraid to get creative and witty with your captions. If you can find a way to work this into copy, your audience will love the entertainment along with your important content. Take DiGiorno’s live-tweeting of NBC’s The Sound of Music Live, for example:


Images and Other Creative Assets

Here’s where it can really get fun! Think of a popular television series that everyone is talking about— is there a way you can position your company to get in on this trend? Here’s an example of how one of our own fresh produce counterparts played into the Game of Thrones trend:


It may seem like all fun and games, but incorporating current events into your social media efforts (when it makes sense) helps your brand stay relevant—and possibly attract new audiences, including shoppers that may not have been paying attention before!  


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