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As marketers, we know that using contests, sweepstakes and other competitions generate the most engagement and effort from consumers on behalf of your brand. But what you may not have thought about is how this is also applicable to your own internal marketing team. To amplify creativity within the walls of your office, try hosting a friendly inner-office competition to kick it up a notch with your team. Here’s how we did it and what we learned: The DMA Instagram Competition, Dan’l recently hosted a DMA team challenge taking our Instagram content to the next level. We split into 4 teams of 2 and worked together to present Dan’l and her selected panel of judges with 10 creative photo ideas for 5 clients for a chance to win cash prizes. The internal contest revitalized our creative-thinking skills and lead us to a bigger learning experience relative to our Instagram approach. Here’s what we learned and gained:
There are countless studies and stats about the effectiveness of cause marketing.
For those of you who know Dan'l well, it will come as no surprise to hear that it has long been her dream to become a country music sensation. But her passion for produce lead her down a different path for the majority of her career: until NOW! Click below to learn more about Dan’l’s new opportunity in Nashville!
In the spirit of DMA’s Saint Patrick’s Day tradition, our newest team members put their Irish impressions on display for us to laugh at...errr, with. Get a laugh out of this fan favorite video filled with blarney!
Salad bars are not only impactful for future generations of fresh produce consumers, but they are also good for your business. As United Fresh launches its campaign to move salad bars to Midwest Schools, take a look at what donating a salad bar can do to boost your company’s bottom line.
Another Super Bowl has come and gone and as marketers we can't help ourselves: we just have to recap our thoughts and reactions to the most-watched television event of the year. Laugh along with this hilarious breakdown of the feelings we ALL experienced watching this game.
What a year! 2013 had its fair share of ups and downs, even in the marketing world. But before we bid the year adieu and ring in 2014, let’s recap some of the more… interesting marketing moments in 2013 to say the least. We pass over the good and even the bad marketing of 2013 to bring you the downright bizarre “WTH” moments. Check out this hilarious BuzzFeed style post below with reaction gifs for moments we all remember. Have a HAPPY New Year – see you in 2014! 10 Marketing WTHs of 2013
Happy Holidays from ours to yours! We value each and every one of our loyal Core readers, so we’re spreading a little holiday cheer this season. Be sure to check out our special holiday offer for you and have a joyful and merry holiday season.
Brock has been dreaming about dates… Medjool Dates that is! Our very own health nut recreated a knock-out salad recipe featuring dates from one of our local haunts. We share the recipe with you here so that you can use it to WOW your guests at Holiday parties!
With so many fun ideas for giving thanks floating around Pinterest, we wanted to jump in and show some gratitude by sharing free printables for the Thanksgiving holiday, along with a few pin-worthy ways to use them. We decided to decorate an office “thanks” tree with small expressions of what we are thankful for, while Molly baked some yummy cookies and crafted up some custom gift tags! Of course, each Thanksgiving we like to give thanks to you, our loyal Core readers, friends and colleagues who make our jobs mostly fun and always fulfilling. Enjoy the printables and most of all – Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!