The 3 Most Important Things Your Social Media Manager Needs From You

social_postLet’s get down to business—social media business, that is. The ever-evolving social media world makes the social media manager’s job complex, and we have to be nimble in order to quickly adapt and take advantage of new features and changes to social platforms. We expect that these platform deviations will remain constant, so what can fresh produce marketers do to help their social managers (whether internal or external) achieve success? Here are the 3 most important things the person managing your social media platforms needs to meet goals within a rapidly changing landscape:

Set Clear Expectations
Laying out your objectives, whether they are to increase likes/followers, generate audience engagement or to obtain consumer feedback, with a time frame an quantifiable milestones will help you articulate what success looks like for your social media efforts. With SMART goals and clear expectations, you and the people helping manage your social media networks will be set up for success. On the reverse side, the person managing your social media on a daily basis should work with you to set expectations for what social media can and cannot deliver, or what is feasible for your brand based on budget and other available resources.

Provide Quality Digital Assets
A picture is worth a thousand likes! (Or something like that.) Whether your marketing efforts are on Instagram or Facebook, good photography is the key generator for clicks, likes and engagement. According to Hubspot, tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets. In order for a Social Media Manager to be successful, photography of updated products and other digital assets such as website design elements are just as important to a brand’s identity as it is to a Social Media Manager’s content strategy.

A Plan for Responding to Inquiries
There’s a pressing consumer comment on your Facebook page that needs immediate attention…what do you do? Building relationships on social media is important for growing and nurturing your community, so quick responses to questions, complaints AND positive messages are essential. Considering time is of the essence in these situations, it is important for your social media manager and you to have an established game plan on how to address these types of comments. Working together to determine a plan for responding to comments will keep everyone on the same page and help with quick, efficient responses that will make consumers feel heard and respected by your organization.

If you are looking to implement a new social media strategy or simply revamp the one you currently have in place, the Social Media Toolkit is available to help fresh produce marketers tackle social media challenges and opportunities.