The Best of The Core in 2015

bestof.pngHappy New Year everyone! 2016 is officially here, which means marketers everywhere are preparing to hit the ground running to execute their strategies for the year ahead. But if you’re still trying to get back into the swing of things, we recommend taking a moment to absorb some marketing inspiration to get you moving. Below are our best Core posts from 2015 to provide guidance, ideas and renewed excitement for the New Year.

Best of: Planning

6 Helpful Tools & Resources for 2016 Planning
These tools are specifically designed to help fresh produce marketers set and meet their goals in 2016.

Food Trends to Consider for Your 2016 Planning
As you plan your 2016 marketing content and promotion plans, it’s important to be aware of these major trends for both your consumer and buyer audiences.

Best of: Social Media

30 Social Media Tips from the DMA Solutions Team
People often ask us what our tips are for social media, so we’ve served them up for you here on a silver platter!

Impressions vs. Engagement: Which is More Important?
The eternal question: should marketers be more concerned with impressions or engagement? This post explores the answer.

How Social Media Has Changed in the Last 12 Months
A struggle we often hear from produce marketers is that social media changes so quickly, they can’t keep up. This post will get you caught up on the important changes that occurred through June 2015.

Best of: Websites

The 2016 Website Trend You Can’t Ignore
In this modern digital age, we crave personalization. Soon, we will come to expect it! Here’s why you can’t ignore this website trend.

Why We Upgraded Our Website
A little over a year ago, we decided to make some big changes to our website. Here’s why we made the upgrade and why you may consider a similar website overhaul.

Best of: Fresh Produce Industry

The Untapped Potential of Your Sustainability Story
From guest writer Nikki Rodoni, this post helps outline a challenge produce marketers face: defining and communicating their sustainability story.

Is this the Marketing Campaign Fresh Produce Needs?
They tell us it’s going to be BIG and it’s going to be BOLD – this post explores the Team FNV campaign – the facts and our questions so far!

Best of: Marketing to Millennials

Mobile Marketing to the MEN-llennial Consumer
Reaching and connecting with millennial males can be a challenge for some marketers. This post identifies how to approach these mobile and powerful spenders!

5 Things You Need to Know About the Millennial Produce Buyer
Understanding millennials was a popular topic amongst fresh produce marketers in 2015. This post details telling survey results and an infographic from Yerecic Label.

Best of: Public Relations

10 Ways to Increase Your Public Relations Opportunities
It takes time to build the relationships that help to create PR opportunities for our brand, but it is well worth it in the end. Here’s how you can create these opportunities for your brand.

What Produce Marketers are Saying about Public Relations
We took some time to talk to marketers in the industry about the role that PR plays in their organization and where they think it can go. Here’s what you had to say in 2015.

Best of: General Marketing

What Type of Content is Most Effective for Your Brand?
There are many types of content available to today’s modern marketer – so how do you select the most effective approach? Consider effort vs. effectiveness.

5 Marketing Musts for 2015
As we started the year, Dan’l challenged us with these “musts” for 2015. Where did you land in terms of incorporating these strategies and thought processes to your marketing mix?

If you’re still looking for marketing ideas and inspiration for your 2016 planning, look no further! We have a free resource library available to fresh produce marketers on our website. Take a look for some great tools to help kick start your year, like the 2016 Produce Marketer’s Calendar!