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Marci Allen
Posted by Marci AllenMay 10, 2017 11:08 AM

Thinking about a new brand or evaluating your current one, but aren’t sure how to lead that effort effectively? You’re not alone. Branding can be one of the most challenging marketing initiatives to undertake, but if you take the time to think through these three key questions, your efforts will be much more effective:

  1. What is the brand’s heart and soul?
  2. What is the brand’s personality?
  3. What is the brand aesthetic?

We’ve put together an infographic to illustrate what we mean:



Ready to dive in? DMA provides a number of branding services that can help you find your fresh voice – from identity to brand guidelines and brand messaging. Our team of fresh produce marketers can help at whatever stage of the branding process you are in.

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