TikTok Stats You Need to Know

If you know someone under the age of 30, you likely know a little about TikTok. While brands should be aware of what’s happening on the platform, there is a lot to consider before you jump in the ring. 

While TikTok is growing in popularity, the content form is new for most companies in the fresh produce industry. After years of being present on more typically “business-friendly” platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where over 75% of businesses are active, TikTok feels like a whole different ball game.

TikTok Stats You Need to Know

Audience Size

TikTok is made up of over 2 billion users and over 1 billion monthly active users, making it one of the biggest social media platforms in the world within a few short years! If this growth is any indication, TikTok will only continue to grow, already estimating 2.6 billion app downloads

Audience Demographics

53% male, 47% female 
10-19-year-olds – 32.5%
20-29-year-olds – 29.5%
30-39-year-olds – 16.4%
40-49-year-olds – 13.9%
50+-year-olds – 7.1%

Video Views per Day Time Spent on the App 

Knowing that the average TikTok user opens the app 8 times per day is enough to understand that the sheer amount of video content consumed on a day-to-day basis is enormous. This makes it even more imperative that what you share on this platform is memorable, authentic, and engaging because it can easily get lost in a sea of content. 

Businesses on TikTok 

Now that you have the “need to know” stats… what does this tell us about businesses on TikTok? Well for starters, 50% of the top brands have no TikTok presence at all! This indicates that maybe we need to question if TikTok is the place for brands (at least in the traditional way). If you are absolutely set on your brand having a presence on this unique platform, understand that the best-performing TikTok’s accounts post 3.52 times per day on average… that is a lot! If you want to make an impact, you will need to dedicate a hefty portion of time to content creation. 

The platform also has an emphasis on organic and authentic content, more so than any other social media platform. This makes it an awkward fit for some brands, but there are certainly still ways to make an impact. One great way to do this is to use influencers who already have an established presence on the TikTok platform! Be sure that when you are utilizing influencers, especially in this space, that they authentically fit your brand and that their content feels natural and not forced. If that is not the case, Gen-Zers will see right through you.

Before jumping into the TikTok space, there is a lot to consider. So be sure you are ready for the commitment and also know there are many ways to tap into TikTok even if your brand does not have its own account. If you decide that you want to go all-in on TikTok, now you know what it will take! 

If you are interested in discussing if TikTok is the platform for you and get tailored advice for how your business can take advantage of this opportunity, schedule a call with us and let’s chat!