Twitter: Do This Not That [INFOGRAPHIC]

TWnotthatDo you find yourself constantly asking questions like, “How many retweets did I get?” or “How many hits did my website receive last month from Twitter?”

If so, you’re not alone. As social media marketers, these are questions we NEED to be asking ourselves if we’re going to stay accountable to our marketing goals. However, it’s all too easy to get lost in worrying about retweets and clicks and forget the very foundation that drives success on social media: relationships.

Twitter offers an ideal way to build relationships and connect with your audience through “@replies.” By tagging other Twitter users using the ‘@’ sign and engaging directly, you can have more personal, non-invasive conversations online.

To set you up for success, we’ve created this DOs and DONTs infographic that you can use as a guide when building relationships and keeping it real on Twitter.