Understanding the Content Creation Process

When you work in marketing, almost every conversation and strategic move on behalf of a brand involves… you guessed it, a whole lot of content. With the current state of social media and the internet as a whole, it can feel incredibly overwhelming to create enough content that matters and actually makes an impact. In order to make this a bit more manageable is to have a deep understanding of the content creation process so you always know the exact steps you’ll need to take to get you to the finish line!

Start with SEO Research 

If you are going to spend your time creating a bank of content, it’s a good idea to make sure it will apply to a larger audience. SEO research can show you the search volume of a particular keyword and let you know if it is worth investing your time to create endless content around. 


A huge part of the content creation process is ideation. The best part about this step? There are no bad ideas. The ideation process is all about brainstorming and getting the process going, but to some, the lack of structure is actually the hardest part of brainstorming. Luckily, we do a lot of that around here, and over time we’ve discovered lots of great tips! 

Content Creation 

Once you have a plan in place from your brainstorm, you can get started on the fun stuff – creating the actual content and scheduling or publishing it to your audience and beyond! Now, this sounds like a simple step, but if someone has to do all of this planning on the fly, it can become a mess really quickly.  As an agency that plans hundreds of pieces of content per month, we’ve found plenty of tools to help us make the process smoother. 

    1. Canva – A simple and easy way to create your own content. From social posts to email headers and more, you can do all of this with ease on Canva. 
    2. Gain Social Media – A content scheduling tool that gives you the ability to easily publish to all social channels automatically and gives a convenient monthly or weekly overview of content. 
    3. Sprout Social – A powerful social media management solution that helps you build your publishing calendar, publish automatically, analyze social performance in detail, and engage with customers. 
    4. Hubspot – An inbound marketing tool that allows you to automate email, blog publishing, and more, while also giving detailed insight on all inbound activity. 

Promoting Content 

With the big wide world of online communications, advertising has become an essential part of a content creation plan. What’s the use in all the time and effort you spent creating content if no one sees it? While some organic content is certainly important, an advertising strategy is essential for growth in this overflowing market of online content. 

Now that you’ve got a deeper understanding of the content creation process, it’s time to get started! 

If you need help getting started on a marketing plan, we are here to help! Contact us to see how we can help support you.