Mistakes You’re Making on Social Media

It’s safe to say that most of us are present on at least one social media platform and have likely been for a fair amount of time. From Friendster to MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…the list goes on! These days, we don’t know many people who aren’t on social media. So, if the majority of people on the planet are personally active on social media, shouldn’t that mean managing a brand’s social media should be a piece of cake? Think again…

While we’re all personally acquainted with social media, that doesn’t mean personal profiles work the same way as business profiles. Social media marketing for brands is a different world of opportunity and unlike posting on your personal story, there is a wrong way to go about social media when managing a brand.

In this post, we’ve rounded up what not to be on social media to help you avoid common mistakes and plan better, more likable content in the New Year!

Mistakes You’re Making on Social Media

Being too formal

There are certain platforms where it makes sense to speak in a formal tone (like LinkedIn for example) but being conversational and easy to understand from your audience’s point of view is what’s most important. Try to avoid sounding too formal or even looking too formal.  A common mistake brands make is adding logos to images shared on social media – this is formal.  Over time, we’ve analyzed the data and know that images or graphics featuring a company’s logo get less engagement than those that don’t.

Sharing too much information

While a consistent content stream is needed, avoid having consumers hit the “unfollow” button because you’re overwhelming their feed. Instead of trying to create a high quantity of content, focus on your quality and give people consistent content worth a stop in their scroll.

Being sales-y 

People are following your account most likely for inspiration or information. They’re already following you because they’re a fan of your brand and product! Try not to push sales too hard in your content. Direct them to your website, show them how or where they can purchase your food, and use empathetic language that frames solutions to real-life challenges the reader is facing.

Not offering enough variety

People like to see a variety so while you’re preparing your content plan for 2022, think big! Sprinkle different content categories throughout your social media posts and test the water relative to your community’s engagement with your posts. Consider including categories like field photos, recipe inspiration, graphic design, video, etc. This is especially important on Instagram where an aesthetically pleasing feed is so important.

Avoiding “in the moment” content

We know we know… we like a nice buttoned-up plan too. However, don’t get too caught up in planning ahead that you miss out on trends happening in real-time! Leave room for when hot trends pop up, like Spotify Wrapped or recipe TikToks, and have fun with it! Following along with what’s trending will keep your content new and best of all, will likely relate to your target customer.

You want to talk about “you”

Remember, the customer is the hero of your story, not you. You want them to feel seen, heard, and valued. Make sure your social media copy is service-oriented reflecting that you are here to provide your brand’s community with solutions versus framing the content to be “all about you.”

If something we said struck a nerve, feel free to give us a call to talk through it! For more social media tips and strategies, feel free to reach out and schedule a call with our team!