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Mackenzie McLeod
Posted by Mackenzie McLeodMay 15, 2015 9:58 AM

content_postWith so many different types of content to choose from, how do you know what will work best for your brand? Perhaps you’ve consistently leaned on content that is the kindest to your budget, like blog posts, newsletters and press releases. Or perhaps you’ve gone all in on intensive content like videos and webinars in the hopes that the heavy hitters will drive the most return for your company. But the only way to truly know what type of content is best for your brand and your marketing goals is to experiment.

Experimenting is easier said than done. Tight timelines and pressure to “prove” your efforts can be a continual challenge, so making smart decisions about where to focus is important for fresh produce marketers. So instead of simply guessing or randomly selecting what content to produce next, consider what research has shown to be the most effective types of content versus the most difficult to create:


Published in March 2015, Ascend2’s research presents the latest data from marketers across multiple industries and audiences. The truth is, an effective approach to content marketing is a balancing act and it’s going to be different for every company based on who you’re trying to reach. Even amongst the fresh produce industry, content effectiveness will vary between B2C and B2B audiences. For example, while research/white papers may not perform well for a consumer audience, you may find that video content is well worth the effort it takes to produce. On the other hand, if you want to reach a trade audience consisting of produce buyers and retailers, you may find that research or white papers are the most effective content.

Based on your budget, consider effort vs. effectiveness and choose a healthy mix of content to focus on as a part of your strategy. Be sure and take into account types of content that works best when produced at a more frequent rate (blog articles, case studies, infographics, newsletters, photos, etc.) and make sure you have resources to produce this content regularly.

Looking for more insights into content production and marketing? Download this free guide to content marketing in the fresh produce industry.


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