What We Know About Clubhouse

There’s a new social media platform called Clubhouse and it seems as though it is what people in social media and marketing circles want to talk about. Currently in the beta phase and only available on Apple’s IOS, Clubhouse has taken flight with about 2 million users!  

What makes Clubhouse stand out in the crowd is that it’s all audio, all the time. With the popularity of podcasts at all all-time high, people seem to be responding very well to Clubhouse and some have even found themselves spending hours on it at a time. One of the more interesting aspects of Clubhouse is that once a discussion is over it’s gone forever because nothing is saved or recorded. 

Here’s What We Know About Clubhouse:

What is it?

In short, Clubhouse is a live, audio-only app that allows multiple users to gather into rooms to discuss various topics. From B2B marketing to improving your public speaking skills to how to buy a home – this platform allows people to openly discuss and network from places all around the world and in real-time!

I like to think of Clubhouse as the social media version of a podcast. It’s extremely conversational, it caters to “on the go” users and you can find a topic on just about everything.

How do you use it?

As of now, there are only two ways to get on the Clubhouse app – personal invite or exclusive side-door. Once you join, you are given one invitation to invite another person in your contacts. Your invitations can also build over time the more you use the app. On the other hand, if you directly download the app and if someone you know is already using it, Clubhouse may send a notification to that person letting them know they can let you in.

Like other social media apps, when first signing up you must add your profile picture and bio. It’s crucial to have a compelling bio because unlike other social media platforms, Clubhouse doesn’t show any sort of verification or blue check mark status. Think of your Clubhouse bio as your website’s SEO – to be considered a verified thought leader your bio needs to prove your qualifications. Here’s a great example of a bio that will position you or your brand as a thought leader:



It’s also a good idea to explore the app and follow people you may know or admire and topics that interest you. For example, some topics I started following are Future of Food, Mindset Master Suite and Marketing Club. Following various topics populates your “hallway.” Your “hallway” is essentially your home page and the first page you see when you enter the app. Here, you can browse multiple discussions, join in on different conversations, or even start your own room to begin a conversation around a subject matter of your choice.



Pro tip: The “Leave Quietly” button is a great way to politely exit any given room whenever you’d like! 


Is it right for business?

Because food is such a visual part of our world, we understand why you might question if Clubhouse is even worth diving into. However, that doesn’t mean people aren’t talking about food trends and the fresh produce industry in this space. While it may not be the epicenter of your social media marketing, Clubhouse is a great platform to hear what consumers care about and learn how that impacts your brand. 

The purpose of Clubhouse is to start a dialogue. Simply joining conversations based around health/nutrition, cooking, dietitians, and even growers can provide you with insightful information. If your brand has something to add to the discussion, a representative from your team can raise their hand to contribute as well. 

As an audio-only platform, Clubhouse definitely stands out among other social media apps and seems to be on the rise. It’s always a good idea to get familiar with new marketing opportunities in order to reach a wider audience. I hope this has helped you better understand what Clubhouse is and how you can utilize it to benefit your brand. 

Wondering how Clubhouse might fit into your social media marketing mix?  Consider hiring DMA Solutions to prepare a Social Media Assessment for your company to determine if Clubhouse is right for you.