Why Social Media is Necessary for Customer Service in 2018

Social media has developed into one of the most popular outlets for customer service, with 90 percent of users on social media stating that they use social media to communicate with a brand. Simply being available on social media, listening and addressing customer service related comments instantly elevates your brand in the eyes of the consumer. At DMA, we manage the social media presence for a wide range of fresh produce brands and can attest to the fact that people are using social to ask questions about fresh products. Consider how you could use social media to act as a customer service platform in the future through these avenues below:

How to: Use Social Media as a Customer Service Platform

Consumer Reviews

Facebook provides the option for people to review and rate products directly on the platform. These reviews are visible to the public, so keeping an eye on them is critical for building a strong customer service reputation for your brand. If someone shares a review stating that they are unhappy with your product, reach out to them to try and make the issue right. Other people will see this approach and know that your brand truly cares and appreciates feedback.

Product Inquiries

In many cases, people locate brands on social media in order to learn more information about them. Whether it’s product availability, nutrition information, or just general questions about your brand, being available to provide this information will help turn them into new/continuing customers. You can tackle these inquires two-fold by also creating a FAQ section on your website. As common questions get asked on social, you can easily direct people that section of your website to learn more.



Another popular reason that people find and engage with brands on social is for tips and inspiration. Maybe they are seeking out your brand to learn how they should be storing your products or they just want to get some new and creative ideas to put your products to use. By being on social media you are becoming an instant and helpful resource to audiences that they would not receive through an email or phone call to your company. This personal touch truly nurtures relationships and will make a lasting impression on consumers.

Crisis Management

If a crisis emerges and your brand could potentially be involved, the first thing consumers will do is refer to your social pages knowing that this will be an instant way to receive information/contact you. By not being a part of the social media realm during a critical time such as this, you will not have a direct opportunity to make a statement to your community. On the flip side of handling a crisis through your social platforms, social media can also help you to monitor and catch a crisis as it develops. If you start to notice a string of consumer complaints, this becomes a red flag that something larger may be developing and you should begin to initiate your crisis communication plan.

Now that you know how to use social media as a customer service outlet, make it goal to increase your response time on social media. Brands should strive to have the Facebook note on their profile that says “typically responds instantly!” Unsure how to start or squeezed for time? Reach out to us for a free social media consultation and we can help you get started.

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