Why You Need A Social Media Assessment

Why You Need A Social Media Assessment

Are you spinning your wheels creating great social media content but seeing little results? Or maybe, you’re seeing positive results, but you feel like your strategy is lacking? Insert: a social media assessment. 

What is a social media assessment? Our team reviews your current social media efforts to determine what is working vs what isn’t. We’ll help you identify areas of improvement to maximize the impact of your social media presence. As we enter into a new year, there isn’t a better time to start. Here’s why… 

Why You Need A Social Media Assessment: 

  1. Assess Your Current Approach 
    • Is what you’re currently doing working? Is it not? We’ll do a comprehensive deep dive into each of your social media platforms. We’ll look into your content, messaging, audience demographics, and everything in between. Rest assured, we won’t start with recommendations. Our team will take the time to understand what is important to your brand and make recommendations based on your current approach
  2. Determine Your Messaging, Tone, and Voice 
    • After we understand the audience you’re currently reaching, we’ll work with your team to understand if this is the best audience for your business and help you adjust accordingly. We’ll help you determine the best messaging, tone, and voice to use on each social media platform to see the best results. For instance, while we’ll hone in on specific messaging for your brand, business, and products – we’ll help you adjust your tone to be more casual and consumer friendly on Instagram than the trade-focused voice we would use for platforms like LinkedIn. 
  3. Set Realistic Goals 
    • How do you start if you don’t know where you’re going? By tracking each measurement on your current content, we’ll help you set realistic goals to aim for each month. We’ll set up a monthly tracker for you to measure impressions, engagement, new followers, post cadence, advertising budget, etc. on each platform to see a holistic view of how your content is performing and make adjustments accordingly to meet your goals. 
  4. Identify Areas of Improvement
    • Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to identify areas of improvement that you may be missing as you focus on the day-to-day coordination of social media. After we understand the “why” behind your current approach, we’ll help you identify areas of your strategy that could use improvement. We work day in and day out on social media and aim to be on the cutting edge of new trends and strategies to help you meet your goals. We won’t just look at your social media content because we know that doesn’t paint the full picture. We’ll also look at your website, messaging, email marketing, etc. as we know how those can impact your social media strategy and will offer recommendations to help your brand’s overall success. 


If you know your brand’s social media channels could use some help, we know it can feel overwhelming. Let us come alongside you to create a useful, specific, comprehensive resource your team can utilize to become the customer-service resource we know you’re aiming to be. Click here to get started!