10 Posts to Drive Engagement on Facebook

Getting people to engage with your Facebook content is no small task. Almost every brand or individual has asked the question, “what type of post is going to get our audience to engage?” While social media isn’t black and white and will vary from platform to platform, we do have a few recommendations for you to maximize this metric for your company or brand. 

10 Of Our Favorite Facebook Posts To Drive Engagement 

With these 10 posts, your Facebook page will be moving and grooving in no time.

1. Ask questions

It’s really that simple. Asking an interesting and thought-provoking question in your caption can lead people to comment.

2. Share helpful tips and tricks

People are obsessed with “life hacks.” Because convenience is something people value, anything you can do to make your consumers’ lives easier will only help build trust and reliability. Plus, users will see your brand as an expert in the field and will come back to your page for more useful tips.

3. Interact with your fans

This is a really simple tactic to implement! Reply to people’s comments or like a post they tag your brand in. A little interaction goes a long way!

4. Give your followers a choice

Conduct a poll! For example, you could ask your followers a question like, “would you rather have a discount on XZY or ZYX?” This will remind them that you value their feedback and that they are a part of the decision-making process for your brand.


You can never go wrong with sharing a classic quote from an author, celebrity, historical figure, or even from someone in your own business! People love quotes, whether they be inspirational or funny, and it’s a great way to encourage likes or comments on your post.

6. Share facts with your fans

As consumers care more and more about the company behind the product they’re purchasing, sharing information and facts about your business is a great way to encourage transparency with shoppers. Your involvement in the community, how you treat employees, the values behind the brands, and more are all important to share!


7. Share company or industry news

While some platforms like Instagram or LinkedIn are a bit more niche in terms of content, Facebook is a great platform for sharing news of any kind. Clicking “share” on any company or industry news that hit the media is important to showcase thought leadership and expertise in your field to improve trust with shoppers!  

8. Link to the other resources on your website

When you can link back to your website on any post, do it! This will improve both social media engagement as well as website traffic. You’ll earn more “link clicks” and highlight the fact that your company’s website is a reliable source of information. 

9. Post videos

Adding video posts to your feed is key for driving engagement. Video content will only continue to increase in popularity and is an important piece to the content puzzle to show that your brand is on-trend, active, and credible. 

10. Conduct a giveaway or provide a discount

The number one way to increase engagement is through giveaways! You may have seen these on social media or have even participated in some but here is how it drives significant engagement:

  • Offer a prize/discounted product 
  • To enter the giveaway, shoppers have to like your page, comment on the post, and like the post

In addition to these great tips, if you are looking for some guidance on how to create and plan content for your brand that will drive engagement, give us a shout! We can show you how to effectively communicate and engage with your audience with our Social Media Assessment & Plan. We will share our expertise with you and your team and formulate a personalized strategy specific to your brand that will maximize your engagement on not only Facebook but your other social media platforms as well!