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Mackenzie Wortham
Posted by Mackenzie WorthamAugust 17, 2018 2:18 PM

If you clicked on this because of the image, you’re probably just a little bit of a Game of Thrones addict. Be honest with yourself: you can’t resist a good “Winter is Coming” meme. For the Fresh Produce industry, the words of Ned Stark might feel all too relatable when put into the context of Fresh Summit—the inevitable event IS coming, and we have to always strive to be prepared if we want to make it through the season alive! (Okay, so that’s a bit dramatic, but if you’ve ever attended Fresh Summit you know exactly what we mean.)


If you’re a huge Game of Thrones fan, you may have pondered the deeper metaphorical meaning behind the House Stark motto as well. The Starks themselves are winter, and “Winter is Coming” serves as a battle cry or rally for the family. So with that in mind—watch out Orlando, because Fresh Summit is Coming!

In all seriousness, we’re currently 90 days out and there are several things you need to make sure are on your to-do list leading up to the show in October. Here’s a few tips and deadlines to keep in mind before you embark on the journey to Orlando:


90-Day Marketing Checklist: Fresh Summit

The rest of August

  • Make sure your booth design is ready to go and you’ve reviewed PMA’s booth policies here.
  • Determine any last-minute booth materials you made need for the show. Hint: Do you have enough business cards? Do you need more sell sheets?
  • Update company/product information for the printed directory by August 22 (by 5:00 p.m. EDT). Changes made after this date will only appear online and in the mobile app.
  • Begin making travel arrangements and make dinner reservations for your team and your customer dinners. August 24 is the last day to assign names or cancel reservations for blocks with 10 or more rooms!



  • Confirm product and booth shipping dates with your vendors to ensure that you have a smooth experience during the show.
  • Confirm and order furniture, carpet, electric, insurance, etc.
  • Finalize catering plan and submit contract to the supplied contractor for the show.
  • Access attendee list and identify current and prospective customers RIGHT AWAY.
  • Register badges to be mailed in advance (continental U.S. only) by September 14. Badges will be mailed via FedEx on October 4.
  • Finalize room reservations, flight plans and dinner reservations.



  • Make final calls to all vendors, partners and suppliers that will be supporting you during the show to ensure that all contracts have been received and timelines are confirmed.
  • Ensure that plans are made for returning your booth to its home base after the show and secure transportation.
  • Communicate key booth messages and expectations with booth staff and share a “booth worker” plan to keep the team on track.
  • Register exhibitor appointed contractors not on official vendor list by October 5.
  • Redeem registration credits, purchase tickets/upgrades, or edit badges/passes that were not mailed by October 12.
  • Booth material direct shipments will be accepted at convention center from October 15-18. Perishable product shipments will be accepted at convention center from October 15-20.


The full exhibitor checklist to keep you on track with important deadlines and dates for the show 


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If you just read through this and felt a panic attack coming on because you need, say, a complete booth overhaul and all new swag, we’ve got you! Reach out to with your Fresh Summit conundrum and we can help.

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