2023 Food Trends

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for … are you ready to see what the hottest food and beverage trends are expected to be in 2023? Every year, these trends are published by supermarkets, major consumer publications, and celebrity chefs and we’ve read them all to narrow down our top five food trends we anticipate will resonate most with fresh produce consumers, given engagement on social media, restaurant menu items, and more! Let’s dive in…

Top Five Food Trends For 2023

1. Nostalgic/Throwback Food

What was your favorite thing to eat or drink when you were a kid? It’s crazy how something that simple memory holds some of our fondest childhood memories. Thanks to apps like TikTok, brands and content creators are focusing their content around the nostalgia of food and drinks from childhood and past eras. Especially with COVID-19 and all of the other stressful things happening in our world today, people are desperate to connect with memories of simpler times.  According to Whole Foods Markets’ 2023 Trend Forecast, Consumers’ desire to fit favorite foods from the past into their current diets is creating the ultimate mash-up of throwback indulgences with better ingredients and special diets in mind”.  This means that classics like the “Shirley Temple” or “S’mores are here to stay but our challenge will be how to put a fresh-produce twist on these recipes. 

2. Plant-Based Everything

You guessed it, plant-based foods will continue to make waves in 2023! They were popular in 2022 and aren’t going away anytime soon. Plant-based eating has become a bigger player in the food industry and is continuing to evolve, but what does this year hold for all of our plant-based consumers? More plant-based meat products, seafood, baby food, snacks, and more! The plant-based industry continues to innovate and excite shoppers. With more people following a vegan lifestyle for their personal or health reasons, the market for plant-based products continues to increase. 

3. Alcohol-Free Drinks

Mocktails for the win! Alcohol-free cocktails are taking center stage in 2023. Between New Year’s resolutions and consumers being more conscious of the effects alcohol has on their physical and mental health, the need for mocktails at retailers or restaurants is growing. According to Yelp, “Non-alcoholic cocktails saw a 59% increase in searches, and celebrities have begun to capitalize on the growing interest by launching their own mocktail brands“. Booze-free drink shops are in high demand and canned cocktails are becoming a very sought-after item at your local grocery store. Eventually, non-alcoholic drinks will become a staple menu item like their gluten-free and vegetarian counterparts. 

4. TikTok

TikTok has not only dominated the social media landscape, but our stomachs too! The app has continued to grow and rise in popularity, becoming the world’s “go-to” for any and all information. While some people use the app for beauty hacks or workout tips, others use TikTok as a source of recipe inspiration and a way to keep up with current food trends. TikTok is a recipe hub and more influencers and content creators are sharing the “recipe love” on this platform. Watch out Pinterest and Instagram, TikTok is eager to make it’s mark in the food industry.

5. Tinned Fish

Of all the 2023 food trends, this one has got to be the most intriguing. Once again, this trend came about because of a viral video on TikTok called “tinned fish date night”. The tinned fish trend includes everything from canned mackerel to anchovies to sardines. Adding some tinned fish to your next “seacuterie board” or recipe will be sure to capture your guests attention. While tinned fish may be an interesting concept to grasp, they are actually great for your health, affordable, and climate-friendly. Major brands like Patagonia have capitalized on this growing trend and other brands are stepping in line to do the same. It’s incredible to see this 19th-century innovation make a comeback and be adapted into the lifestyle and food habits of consumers today. Maybe we can chalk this up to nostalgia? 

While there are dozens of other food trends we agree will have a major presence 2023, these five stand out as some of the most important for our industry to capitalize on when considering partnerships with influencers and chefs or utilizing social platforms such as TikTok for content. 

Need some help staying on top of all of these trends? Give us a call – we’d be happy to talk!