B2B Lead Generation: Tips to Launch Growth and Success

Generating qualified leads can be a challenge when brands compete for the same customers across the same industry space. B2B marketing isn’t what it used to be, and many of the fresh produce marketers we’ve spoken to recently are particularly focused on how to create a successful lead generation program for 2018. When marketers are able to leverage a combination of technology, customer analytics/intelligence and copywriting, they can launch their B2B strategy to a level of growth they have never seen!

Here are some tips for B2B lead generation that your company should implement in your marketing plan today to launch growth and success in 2018:


Tips for B2B Lead Generation Implementation 

1. Premium Content Creation

It is a well-known fact that the more content you put out there, the more likely it is to produce brand recall with your customers. However, you don’t want to just produce content for the heck of it. Create premium content that provides your customers with informational and helpful content that they can apply to their daily work, information that makes them stop and think “This brand isn’t just trying to sell to me, they are trying to solve a problem I am having.” This will not only create new leads, but will also help you maintain those leads with continued content creation you feed your customers. Content marketing generates 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, but it costs 62% less. The only question left is, why aren’t you creating content for your customers?

2. Social Media Marketing

60% of buyers who feel a “high brand connection” are more likely to purchase, even at a higher price, from those brands versus their competitors. Social media is a great way to humanize your B2B brand, seem less robotic and reach the trade and potential new customers. If your company isn’t on social media at all and is unsure of what to dive into, LinkedIn is a great place to start. In fact, 80% of all social media leads come from LinkedIn.

3. Email Campaigns

Email is the third most influential source of information for B2B audiences, behind personal recommendations and industry-specific thought leaders. Personalization and automation are two aspects of email marketing you should be capitalizing on for your current and potential consumers, as they want to feel as though content is being sent specifically to them, not to a list of 1000+ contacts in a database.

4. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the most important aspects to B2B lead generation, as 61% of all B2B decision-makers start by doing their own research online, and 71% of them will not have a conversation with your sales team until they’ve done their own online research on your company. If you are looking to move up in the ranks, here are 5 tips to improve your organic search rankings.

Feeling unsure of where to begin with your B2B strategy for 2018? We would love the opportunity to support your needs and elevate your brand in the fresh produce industry to the trade and your customers. Fresh Summit is over, but we are offering free consultations after this event. Request a free consultation with our team and we’ll help get you off on the right B2B marketing track for 2018.

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