5 Ways to Create Marketing Opportunities Around New Year’s Resolutions

JAN-7TH-POSTThe holidays offer a bevy of inspirational opportunities for produce marketers to engage with consumers, feed their cooking passions, connect them to the food we grow and encourage consumption of FRESH. New Year’s provides an extra opportunity as consumers start thinking about healthy lifestyle choices and make resolutions to cut down on calories in the coming year.

As fresh produce marketers we can capitalize on these resolutions by making ourselves more available for inspiration, motivation and support and proactively seek to be a resource that consumers come back to. To get your wheels spinning, here are a few ideas to make the most of your New Year’s themed consumer engagement.

  1. Create a Pinterest board (or more than one) to gather healthy recipes, workout tips and fresh snacking ideas and name them using New Year’s Resolutions in the name.

  2. Host a Twitter party inviting attendees to engage and share tasty recipes that feed cravings without leaving a guilty conscience in the wake.

  3. Create a Facebook promotion inviting fans to share recipes that have helped them to fight their food weaknesses and overcome with healthier choices. Offer prizes to incentivize participation.

  4. Create a downloadable PDF with a few resolution friendly recipes featuring your products and share with your fans and followers as meal and snacking inspiration.

  5. Offer coupons to your database and social communities to motivate healthy choices and inspire purchases of your fresh products.

The sky is the limit as to what ideas will help make your brand relevant in a season when health and wellness are top of mind. Get your creative juices flowing and put your ideas to work! Let us know what new marketing tactics you’ll be trying out this year.