Bringing Trends to the Tradeshow Floor

Previously, we wrote about the pop-up museum trend that seems to be sweeping social media feeds, saturating timelines with images of amazing art and interactive exhibits. In that post, we mentioned that this trend can be used as a tool, and has numerous potential applications when it comes to fresh—including the tradeshow floor!

On each show floor, there tends to be a lot of available information and a lot of competition. How do you set yourself apart to be more memorable? Because these days, while a handshake and a business card are still important, they can only do so much in terms of making attendees excited to stop by your booth. Demonstrating innovative thought can be the missing piece that makes your brand the one to see! Here’s how you can apply the pop-up exhibit trend to your tradeshow booth:

Opening Pop-Up Exhibit: What better way to start off a show than to visit a mini exhibit pop-up right after completing registration? As shows get bigger and more extravagant, why not have a series of quick photo walls, swings, or interactive tools? Use themes to help welcome attendees with a bang. This could be an excellent sponsorship opportunity for brands to bring up and further explore with show organizers!

Display Walls: Depending on booth size and setup, consider incorporating a pillar wall that can feature an original art piece, or perhaps an interactive portion. At the Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco, for example, the wish wall is a great place to stop by and take your time both to learn and to interact. These walls should reflect your brand’s voice and essence . Amp it up with props to give those who stop by more to do than just take a quick picture (although hey, that’s a win in and of itself!).

Tastings: For those who want to turn their tastings into an experience, play with creating an adventure for booth attendees. Design your booth as if it is a room within a pop-up and carry that theme all the way to the tasting. At Candytopia, for example, there was a room that had giant scented flowers, and by stepping on a petal, attendees were able to smell a different type of candy—and then taste that candy as well in the same room. How can you take that two-pronged approach and use it for your booth?

Sponsorship: Sponsoring a network event or party? How fun would it be to have a fruit pool or giant photo booths for everyone to get their pictures in while partying the night away? Large statues and props that reflect your brand are great ways to get people talking during the event—and set the scene for a great show.

Bonus tip: add a branded hashtag and social handle to all materials, so show-goers know your booth is the one to be at that weekend.

When it comes to pop-ups, you can go big OR small and still create a moment that will generate more traction than your favorite business card…which, though fabulous, may still sink to the bottom of a purse or pocket.

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