Choosing the Right Bloggers for Your Brand

CoreBanner_RightBloggersforyourBrand-1.pngFor brands wanting to forge an ongoing relationship with an influencer, the biggest hurdle is where to start and who to work with. Bloggers have become the most desired influencers within the social-media savvy population because there are multiple options to choose from, and they are easily accessible. Here at DMA, we are very strategic when it comes to picking bloggers aka influencers from the large pool of choices. We do not simply pick bloggers who have pretty pictures and are active on social media, there is a vetting process we go through to ensure we are making the best recommendations possible. Here are some things to think about when it comes to the bloggers who work with your brand.

They connect with specific audiences.

As marketers, it is imperative to know the target audience intended to hear a brand’s message. We have found that readers respond best to who they already listen to. These influencers can range from foodies, fitness enthusiasts, registered dieticians as well as mommy bloggers, but all have created a loyal community. Since the influencers have spent a significant amount of time creating their following, we always make sure that our brand’s message aligns with their messaging in order to create a partnership that feels authentic. 

They echo the brand’s message.

We use bloggers to tell our story because they can relay the brand’s overall message, but through a different voice. These influencers have earned credibility as great storytellers because they know how to get a message across that resonates to their audience, so we try to hone in on that! When looking to spread awareness, we realize we cannot do it alone, so we rely heavily on fresh produce advocates to help us spread a brand’s message. We find that this is best done when we choose to work with those who have an established platform with a unique voice.

They post engaging content.

Not only are the bloggers and influencers we choose to work with active on social platforms, they engage with their followers. When it comes to fresh produce, we lean in to aesthetics to be successful marketers. Therefore, we gravitate towards bloggers who have gorgeous photography so we are confident that our brand stands out amongst the other. While having beautiful photography and an amazing story surrounding the post is great, our goal is to get people talking! So, when we see that a blogger’s readers are engaging with their post, and they’re engaging back, we have successfully found a potential partnership.

They are humans.

Like we’ve said before, we live in a digital era where everyone is more comfortable behind their keyboards. Although an email might start the conversation, we feel that a phone call discussing the brand’s intentions as well as the influencer’s intentions is the best practice when it comes to choosing partnerships. While a partnership may be short lived for a specific promotion, the goal is to create a long-lasting encounter. These bonds occur over time, but result in fruitful relationships if executed properly. In order to create a partnership that is going to last, it is important to take the time to nurture the connection first created from an email.

So to put it simplest terms, it all comes down to forming relationships that are mutually beneficial and real. Yes, we strategically look at numbers and engagement for the bloggers we work with, but it’s much more than that. Our job is not done until we have humanized the brand and opened the door for passionate folks to spread our message.

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