DMA Gets Hands On with Brighter Bites

We recently had the opportunity to volunteer with our client, Brighter Bites, a nonprofit organization that creates communities of health through fresh food to change behavior among children and families to prevent obesity and achieve long-term health. By giving underserved families access to fresh, nutritious food and showing them how to make the most of it, Brighter Bites has delivered 40,000,000 pounds of fresh produce so far! Not to mention the 130,500+ nutrition lessons and activities they’ve executed since 2017.

Brighter Bites serves locations nationwide including New York City, Washington, D.C., Southwest Florida, Los Angeles, Salinas, Austin, Houston, and Dallas. Brighter Bites volunteers at over 20 schools in the Dallas area, and we were able to help pack produce bags at the Richardson ISD location right by our office!

BB Volunteer


What Does A Day of Volunteering Look Like?  

We began the morning by gearing up in our Brighter Bites swag and gloving up for safe food handling. Brighter Bites provides each family with separate fruit and vegetable bags, so we chose to divide and conquer. The DMA team spent the next 45 minutes packing fresh goodies with the rest of the Brighter Bites team and volunteers. The produce options ranged from potatoes and bell peppers to grapefruit and juicy pears! Their team said what usually takes them 2 hours, took our crew under an hour, so we were extra grateful to be able to contribute to this RISD location.

BB Volunteer 3

Thanks to our wonderful bag runner, Lauren, we lined up the hundreds of bags for their departure later that day and dropped Brighter Bites’ informational card into each one.  We then broke down the boxes and placed them in trash bags for clean up! The Brighter Bites team could not have been more welcoming and generous. 

BB Volunteer2 (2)


How Can You Get Involved With Brighter Bites?

  • Volunteer: Brighter Bites is providing produce distribution and nutrition education to 137 schools across eight cities. Click here to see if there are opportunities to volunteer in your community!
  • Donate: If you can’t volunteer, one great way to support Brighter Bites is by donating. You can choose from the amount options available or create a custom amount that is put towards helping Brighter Bites continue to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to those who need them most. 
  • Supply: Brighter Bites sources a wide variety of produce from growers & shippers, processors, and other produce companies across the country. No matter if it’s loose or bagged, Brighter Bites will use any kind of raw, fresh produce. Check out how you can help supply fresh fruits and vegetables to underserved families here!

We look forward to the next time we get the chance to help Brighter Bites here in Dallas, and don’t be shy, check out where you can volunteer for the nonprofit at a location near you!