DMA Halloween 2018: No Shortage of Puns, Booze, and Movie Must-Haves

With 14 years of DMA Halloweens in the bag, I think I can speak for everyone on the team when I say that each team member’s unique personality and creativity came out for a day full of tricks and treats…and a little booze.

We started our day with a Selfie Scavenger Hunt, where the first person to post a selfie of themselves with the object got points. After 15 items and a bonus round, our Senior Creative Copywriter Sarah took the gold!

Here are some of our best selfies with things like ghosts, pumpkins, our CEO Dan’l, “witch doctor” Megan, and more!

Halloween at DMA Solutions

Halloween 2018-Company Culture-DMA Solutions-2Halloween 2018-Company Culture-DMA Solutions-3

Halloween 2018-Company Culture-DMA Solutions-4Halloween 2018-Company Culture-DMA Solutions-5

Halloween 2018-Company Culture-DMA Solutions-6Halloween 2018-Company Culture-DMA Solutions-7

At noon, our team brought their best “cat walk” for our costume contest. Check out our winners and fan-favorites:

WINNER: Scariest

Mariah as an undead 50’s housewife with a fresh-baked “husband” pie. It takes a lot of guts (pun intended) to go full-on horror makeup in the office!

Halloween 2018-Company Culture-DMA Solutions-8

WINNER: Best Couple

Marissa and Leslie as a life-sized martini, who also earned points for pouring our judges (Dan’l and Megan) actual martinis as part of their presentation.

Halloween 2018-Company Culture-DMA Solutions-9

WINNER: Most Creative

Wanda, who made fun of herself for spilling an entire printer cartridge of pink all over the carpet one time in the DMA offices. We love the creative self-deprecation!

Halloween 2018-Company Culture-DMA Solutions-10

Honorable Mentions:

Lexi, who got runner-up as most creative costume for her life-sized frosted animal cracker:

Halloween 2018-Company Culture-DMA Solutions-11

Vanessa, Beth, and Mackenzie for their tribute to the cult classic Mean Girls:

Halloween 2018-Company Culture-DMA Solutions-12

Newest team member, Jessica, for her homage to Breakfast at Tiffany’s:

Halloween 2018-Company Culture-DMA Solutions-13

Sarah, for her punny “dad joke” as “black and white, and re(a)d all over:”

 Halloween 2018-Company Culture-DMA Solutions-14

Megan, for her clever “witch doctor” getup: 

Halloween 2018-Company Culture-DMA Solutions-15

…and of course, our wine connoisseur and fearless leader, Dan’l, who fills our glasses in more ways than one on a regular basis!

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We loved seeing our friends in the industry share their Halloween costumes and we can’t wait to see more creative ideas next year!