Double Down on Digital

In light of current events, when it’s not always possible to be present in person, it’s now more important than ever to amp up your digital presence. In these uncertain times, one thing remains true: your audience is more active online than ever before. Below we’ve shared four important marketing tips to help you navigate this new unknown while putting digital marketing practices in place to better serve your business now and in the near future when life outside of quarantine resumes.


Four strategic tips for doubling down on your digital efforts now:

1. Refine your email strategy. 

While face-to-face interactions are off the table for the time being, now is a great opportunity to commit to developing a thoughtful email strategy. This strategy will not only prove beneficial during this unusual season, but serves as a smart way to engage with your audience for years to come. 

  • Build out curated email lists – Creating curated email marketing lists is the first step towards crafting messaging that truly resonate with your audiences.  For instance, you could create a “most engaged” customer list or develop an email list based on types of customers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, etc. By taking these steps and curating content to speak to these specific groups, you should expect to see an increase in your overall email performance and tee you up for deeper sales conversations.
  • Increase your communication frequency – How often are you communicating with your trade and consumer audiences via email? Now is a great time to test and see what happens if you increase the frequency of your emails to both audiences.  Only emailing once a month now?  Try emailing once every other week or even weekly to measure results and adjust the strategy accordingly. 
  • Helpful content always wins – Sharing content that is relevant to your audience’s overarching needs during this current time will be highly appreciated! From sharing those tried and true high performing recipes to DIY creations from the comfort of home, lead with helpful information for your audiences to consume. This will build brand trust and position your brand in a positive light with your audience now and for many months to come!


2. Share blog content that is useful and current.

It’s important to remember that your blog humanizes your brand. As such, you should be using this valuable digital marketing tool to communicate with your audiences on a real-time basis providing helpful information. The more you can show empathy to your audience and serve as a voice of guidance, the more you will set yourself apart from your competitors.


3. Create social content that both helps your audience and positions your brand/products as a solution.

Positioning the products and services you offer as a solution to the challenges your audience is facing is the key to creating and sharing social media content that gets results. As fresh produce brands and now especially, we have the opportunity (and responsibility) to position our content to inspire joy at home and in the kitchen. The main goal during this time, and frankly all the time, is to be relatable; so share your best/most popular recipes, give tips that are helpful for storing food food, managing food waste, cooking with kids in the kitchen and engaging in family-friendly activities that people otherwise may not have the time to do.  These can both enlighten and inspire and all with your brand front and center as a solution.


4. Capitalize on trends.

Applying social listening strategies during a time when consumers are engaged is a healthy addition to your social media marketing plan.  For example, virtual happy hours are a popular trend right now. Is there a way that your brand might provide creative concepts to your communities for amplifying your virtual happy hour?  From clever cocktail concepts to snacking ideas, there are ways for fresh food companies to jump into the trend.


Now is the perfect time to amplify your digital presence. By implementing these four tips you’re setting your brand up for success today while building lasting relationships with your audiences far into the future.