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Posted by DMA Solutions TeamSeptember 27, 2017 1:29 PM

In the world of fresh produce marketing, it is likely you faced a scenario when you realized your brand had lost its identity. You may have even found yourself coming across five to seven versions of your logo without leaving the office.  It may be that your website looks nothing like your trade show booth and sales materials. 

There are many reasons this happens to a brand, especially as a company grows and the number of people utilizing the design assets increases.  We work with many clients who have found themselves in this struggle and have dealt with it ourselves with our own branding. 

Solution: Brand Identity Guide

The solution is rather simple, create a brand identity guide!  A brand identity guide is an all-encompassing handbook, outlining brand guidelines that your team and external partners can reference, when working on anything and everything related to your brand.  


Benefits of developing a brand identity guide include:   DMA-CorporateIdentity_LPillustration.png

  • A defined brand aesthetic and messaging
  • Brand consistency across all assets
  • Technical guidelines for internal and external design team

Brand identity guides include:

  • Tagline and approved brand messaging
  • Instructions for proper logo usage
  • Color palette
  • Brand personality attributes
  • Mood board
  • Typography
  • Photography style
  • Patterns and textures


These easy-to-share documents provide a blueprint for cohesive brand execution.  No longer will the investment made in your brand be lost, due to a miscommunication or lack of knowledge.  Instead any individual can reference your brand identity guide and accurately implement each piece of your brand.

We would love to share the DMA Solutions brand identity guide and walk you through each element that we have crafted for our own brand! Click here to begin! 


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