Five Things Every Fresh Produce Website Needs

Websites are a must-have for any brand in the fresh produce industry. They serve as a central hub for all branding and communication efforts.

If you’re updating your website, make sure those updates include these five things that every fresh produce website needs:

  1. The Right Messaging: The first step to crafting a great brand story is to know your audience. Address their problems and how your company can solve them. Focus on value, advantages and differentiation. Include an action for them to take.  For more information about how to craft the right messaging for your website, watch our Marketing Matters webinar here for free. 
  2. Beautiful Photography: High quality photography is a necessity to showcase your product on your website. According to Sweor, 95% of first impressions on a website are design related. If images are poor quality, chances are that you will be leaving the wrong impression on your website visitors. A good example of the use of beautiful photography is our client, Duda Farm Fresh Foods. Each full screen image on the homepage tells a story, and is beautiful.
  3. Where to Buy Page: Tell your audience where they can find your products in store! There are many options for this, depending on your budget. This can be as simple as listing retailers with a logo, the way that our client, Fresh Innovations does. This is a simple, yet effective way of communicating that their product is available in multiple retailers nationwide. Another way to help your audience find your product in stores is using a product locator service, such as Destini
  4. Recipes: Show your audience what they can make with your products! Create a variety of recipes, including some that are basic, and some that are unique. Highlight different ways to enjoy your products with varying difficulty levels. If possible, create recipes that fit within certain popular diets, such as Gluten-Free, Vegan, or Keto. Our client, Natural Delights, has a robust recipe library that highlights the versatility of Medjool dates, as well as their health benefits and diets. Sausage Stuffed Dates & Goat Cheese
  5. Contact Form: Most importantly, include a way for your audience to get in touch with you! You can’t increase sales with trade partners if they don’t know how to ask for the product! Use your contact form on your website to interact with your customers to give them the best brand experience you can offer. 

If you’re looking to make some updates to your website, we’d love to hear more. Contact us, or check our list of marketing services that can help!