Harness the Power of Facebook Ads in 2018

With all of the algorithm changes, Facebook ads are tricky for marketers to keep up with! We’re in the trenches with Facebook ads every day, so we want you to know that we understand the challenge, but that with the right approach, Facebook ads CAN pay off for your brand.  To fully harness the power Facebook has to offer, it’s important to understand the different ways that you can advertise on Facebook and when each approach is appropriate.

4 Facebook Ads to Consider For Your Social Media Strategy

Boosted Posts:

These engagement-boosting ads can be your daily go-to for any occasion. Did you know that the average percentage of your Facebook community that organically sees your daily content is 6.5% or less? Facebook’s algorithms cater content to show audiences what they prefer to see first, but your content can get on that list. Harness this algorithm by putting a small budget ($10 – $30) behind your daily posts. You can select targeted audience to be people who like your page (and their friends!), ensuring that this content will pop up in their feeds even if it is not something they often engage with.

Like Ads:

If community growth is a primary goal for you in 2018, like ads are the perfect solution! These ads specialize in growing your community and generating more “likes” for your page. It gets even better when you consider you have the ability to select the exact audience that you WANT to follow your brand. Select a specific age group, location, demographic, or interest to ensure that the new followers you receive will be engaged with your content and ultimately becoming brand advocates. We recommend spending anywhere from $200 to $1,000 a month on these ads.  

Lead Ads:

What if you could use Facebook to poll your audience on a daily basis and learn about their shopping habits, preferences, and even ask them about new product ideas? Well, lead ads make it possible to collect consumer intel like these examples and more. Instead of directing audiences to an external landing page to submit a form or survey, lead ads collect this same info directly through Facebook. Once the ad is clicked, audiences will be able to answer the questions asked and easily submit them in a matter of seconds. An extra sweet feature to these ads is that Facebook automatically fills in any basic information (such as name, birthday, email address, etc.) saving users time and keeping audiences from navigating away before completing. When it comes to the right amount to spend, ask yourself: how much would you spend to get this sort of information from a focus group or Nielsen? The sky’s the limit!


Conversion Ads:

If you read our recent post on the Facebook Pixel, you know that conversion ads are another treat that we can’t live without. These ads are perfect for tracking the success of a promotion and helping to see exactly how your landing pages are performing. If we notice a high amount of clicks on our ad but not many people submitting forms, we know that the landing page is not performing well, due to copy, design, or content. Through these ads, we are able to make changes mid-promotion to ensure that we gain as many submissions and/or leads as possible.

Before you dive into one of these advertising approaches, it’s important to remember these Facebook advertising best practices. Once you’ve got these down, you’ll be ready to harness the power of Facebook ads in your favor!

Make sure to download the 2018 Social Media Calendar if you haven’t already; these helpful dates could play well into your plan for successful posts in 2018!