How to Show Gratitude Every Day on Social Media

Gratitude is about being thankful for what we have, both in our working lives and in our personal lives. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, having “an attitude of gratitude” seems especially important this time of year. Is it possible to have gratitude for someone you’ve only met and communicated with over social media? The answer is, yes.

How do you show gratitude to your followers? Show your appreciation by following these three easy steps.

How to Show Gratitude Every Day on Social Media

1. Engage with people that engage with you

Your followers are taking time to engage with you, take the time to engage back! Here are a few ways to increase engagement with your audience:

    • Post engaging content that is relevant to your consumer’s life right now (e.g. featuring holidays or “soccer season”, etc.) 
    • Like and respond to comments!  This simple gesture says “thank you” without using the words.
    • Host contests and giveaways to nurture your communities with something fun and collaborative!
    • Ask questions in your captions and get to know your audience better.  Use those insights to improve your marketing efforts by delivering social media networks content that matters to them most.

2. Like and respond to comments

Believe it or not, a “like” or response to someone’s comment is so much more important than you might think. A response to a comment is the first step in building a relationship with that follower. By consistently responding to comments your brand receives on social media networks, you will continue to develop and build that relationship.

A response shows the customer that you are invested in them which will make them more likely to choose your brand over another in the long run. Another thing to keep in mind is Social Media Algorithms. When the algorithm sees you are engaging and responding to your audience, they will push your content out for more people to see. This will in turn help increase your brand’s reach and engagement!

3. Answer questions and direct messages in a timely manner  

Responding to a question or concern as soon as possible is a MUST. This is very important because it establishes trust and furthers the connection with your customer. By interacting with the customer in this manner, you create a more personalized experience for them because your brand is taking the time to address the question themselves. 

Gratitude is a positive emotion. Feeling true gratitude helps keep us happy and healthy. It helps connect people to something larger than themselves as individuals. During this Thanksgiving season, may we all extend gratitude to those around us, to our family and friends, and to our loyal followers on social media with whom we share a part of ourselves.

If you’re wanting more social media tips like the ones provided, feel free to schedule a call and we’ll put our social media team up to the task!