Influencers Tell All: How to Stay Relevant During COVID-19

With the shifting digital landscape, now is the time to stop and assess where you’re putting your marketing dollars. Do you have “influencer partnerships” as a line item in your marketing budget? IZEA Insights asked shoppers if they were a marketer in charge of allocating ad spend during the coronavirus outbreak, what method would they use to reach shoppers. The top method shoppers recommend is “social media influencer marketing”. 

During the pandemic, it has been contested what is “appropriate” for influencers to share, if anything at all. Some haven’t deviated from their previously programmed content, others have successfully shifted to focus on relevant at home content, while others have unsuccessfully attempted a content pivot. As a brand, how can you most efficiently leverage your partners’ platforms? 

We spoke with a few of the influencers we’ve partnered with on behalf of our clients to talk about how this pandemic is shaping their content and what works well to ensure brands are highlighted in the best light. We are happy to share their approach.


4 Ways Influencer Content Can Highlight Your Brand During These Times:

1. Suggest Ingredient Swaps

Nichole, of Casa de Crews, creates recipe content to support one of DMA Solutions’ clients. Over the last two months, she conducted Instagram takeovers and recreated some of her branded recipes. Throughout, she shared how she incorporates pantry staples and explained which ingredients can be swapped for items that followers are more likely to have on hand. She shared, “I didn’t share many ingredient swaps in previous content, but going forward I think it’s important to let my readers know that if they can’t find what a recipe calls for, it’s okay to substitute ingredients and make the dish their own with what they already have on hand. It’s definitely one of the smaller things we can control in the midst of a pandemic!”

2. Educate Consumers on the Benefits of Fresh Produce

Education is to The Produce Moms content what karaoke is to a DMA party, so it’s no surprise that during this time, Lori and her team have taken it a step further. “As a brand that is all about moms, it was fairly easy to discern how The Produce Moms was going to support our community’s disrupted lives through our content platform. Moms needed more facts and insights to understand that produce continues to be safe and healthy for their families. Our community also needed content to support homeschool education,” Lori shares. As a result, the Produce Moms team created a collection of educational activity sheets, several eBooks for moms, and a new content series “Eat Fruits & Vegetables Like Your Favorite Animals.” 

3. Share Content that Your Audience is Asking For 

Darn Good Veggies, has pivoted content as a result of social listening. It is imperative that influencers and brands alike listen before they post. Laurel, the veggie-lover behind the brand, shares, “We, as content creators, have been given a rare insight into exactly, not generally, what our readers need. Readers are looking for easy pantry and freezer friendly recipes that are essential for right now, but have the ability to provide lasting value. Before creating brand content, I am asking myself what can I create for my readers that serves them both now, in the current crisis, and how can it continue to provide value for years to come as it remains visible online.” We anticipate social listening will drive the direction of even more content after this pandemic, which we believe is for the better. The more in-tune we are with our audiences, the more impactful our content is. 

4. While Pivoting, Keep it Consistent 

Andrea Overturf, the powerhouse behind Loubies and Lulu, has worked hard to keep her content as consistent as possible during this time as a method of reassurance to her audience. She has continued working with brands that are an organic fit in addition to revisiting past partnerships. She shares, “Continuity is key in authenticity when it comes to creating content. As readers are following the day to day during this time at home, they increasingly notice what you’re truly using and doing. Creating genuine engagement around these real time habits is more relevant than ever because many are looking to fill the same gaps of time/needs. Also I think that in a small way influencers can bring a sense of “normalcy” and joy to people’s everyday lives. It’s a great time to connect with your readers in a meaningful way!” In marketing efforts across the board, we recommend the same – keep your content consistent and authentic to see the best engagement.


Now, it is more important than ever to make sure that your influencer partners are aligned with your brand messaging and sharing content that is beneficial for your followers and theirs. 

We manage a full spectrum of services that fall under the influencer management umbrella: from full year-long partnerships generating monthly content to “surprise and delight” branded mailers that provide recipients with information and goodies they can enjoy. If this is an area of your marketing that you need support with, we’d love to hop on a free strategy call with you to discuss.