Keeping Community Strong During A Pandemic

Community comes in all shapes and sizes. It allows us to interact and share experiences with one another. It offers us safety and security, and gives us a sense of belonging. Human connection is something people continuously seek, and is the essence of our survival. Therefore, how should we act when something unexpected challenges and shifts our “normal” that we have grown accustomed to? Start by following these three critical actions, and focus on strengthening community spirit.

How to Keep Your Community Strong During A Pandemic

Support and Give Back

How can you lend a helping hand? Start by giving to those who are on the frontline of this pandemic. Even the smallest acts of kindness can go a long way right now. Whether you donate to your local restaurant who has been hit by the repercussions of this pandemic or donate to an organization that is giving back to medical frontline workers that are likely exhausted, this is the best time to seek opportunities for you to give back locally and nationally. Giving back not only helps those around you, but it will also fill your tank while doing so. Here at DMA we are big advocates for giving back to our community. Read A Fresh Volunteer Opportunity That Spoke To Our Hearts to learn about one of our favorite experiences. 


Practice Social Distancing but Stay Connected  

Social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t stay connected in our hearts and minds. Staying connected during hard times is pivotal to making it across to the other side. I think it is safe to say everyone is familiar with the tool, Zoom. What a lifesaver it has been during these unnatural circumstances! We all seek face-to-face interaction. However, outside of just technology, go back to the good and faithful hand-written letters. I guarantee our loved ones would be filled with joy if they opened up their mailbox and discovered a special note from a family member or dear friend. Take advantage of these unique opportunities to create special moments – even while you’re socially distanced.


Create and Inspire 

This is the ideal time to exercise your creative mind and seek an opportunity to inspire. Look at quarantine as being the gift time. Make the most of this time in our lives to pick up a project you’ve been putting off because “you haven’t had enough time.” Take on a new adventure with your kids while you are home, and think outside the box for activities to keep them busy. Use this as an opportunity to start journaling and recording what this pandemic has been like for you and your family. When a crisis hits, our true colors really shine, so open up your mind and allow this moment to really sink in to make you a better you. 


Keep the Internet Close By

As marketers, we are keeping a close eye on the rise of Internet usage, particularly on social media since the pandemic came to the USA in March.  In fact, we track analytics on a monthly basis both on our clients’ websites and on social media and have found that across the board website visits are on the incline as well as social community growth and engagement.  What this tells us is that people ARE seeking to connect using the Internet, likely more now than ever.  You can be a source for them to connect, share and glean inspiration during this very different time.


Community is essential to all of our well-being during this time of isolation. If you are curious on how to keep your community strong during this pandemic, follow these steps and measure your effectiveness. At the end of the day, being part of the solution is what truly will make a difference in your life and the lives of others. Make it a priority to stand united and nurture your community as we move forward in 2020!

Wondering where to start and what steps you can take to foster community strength and engagement? Schedule a call with us, we are happy to consult you through this trying time.