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Posted by DMA Solutions TeamAugust 16, 2016 11:06 AM

101_post.pngSometimes it’s great to take a moment to refresh on marketing principles and basics! For anyone who studied marketing in college, you will remember learning about these “appeals” in your marketing 101 classes. And if you are now a marketer by way of another area of study originally, this will be a great crash course for you! So, let’s consider 5 different types of marketing appeals that you can use to create a connection with your desired audience.

Emotional Appeal – Anything that elicits an emotional response will resonate with people. Get emotional by using persuasive language and feelings vs. stating facts. Emotional appeals can be negative or positive feelings, including sadness, anger, hope and pride.

Fear Appeal – Using fear as a marketing tactic is the oldest trick in the book. With fear, you can lead your audience to focus on what could happen because of an action or inaction. Fresh produce marketers could use this tactic to create an immediate behavior change, such as eating healthier foods. To make this appeal effective, you must make the action/inaction specific and attainable, so that your audience feels as though they are able to move in the direction you have paved for them.

Humor Appeal – When humor is used correctly and effectively, it enhances recollection for the audience. Humor works best with well-known products or services (like our favorite beer and insurance brands). However, you must be careful when using this tactic - you don’t want to use humor at the expense of other people. Take care not to be overbearing with your humor and cause the audience to resent the product, service or even the company.

Logical Appeal – It’s only logical! Marketers present just the facts about the product or service, leading people to trust the information given to them. It also shows audiences the practicality and functionality of what you have to offer. Focus on sharing what your product/service does, the features and the cost. This is best used in B2B marketing, so keep it in mind for working with your retail customers.

Bandwagon Appeal – Ever heard the term “FOMO?” It stands for exactly what this appeal is: fear of missing out. This addresses the need to fit in, belong and not get left behind. Marketers can show or demonstrate their target audience enjoying the product or service to make it relatable and something their audience “has to have.”

So how do you determine when it’s appropriate to use certain appeals? The answer to this question starts with knowing your audience.

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