How to Get the Most Out of A Media Meeting

Whether you represent a new company or a more mature business poised to celebrate a major milestone, making the most out of any public relations announcement is essential. A great way to do this is to meet formally with media members one on one to ensure your messaging and talking points are adequately conveyed.

For reference, when we talk about media meetings, we are referring to a meeting set with a writer, producer, or editor to discuss your brand or product in person, typically either at the interviewer’s office or at a nearby neutral location, like a coffee shop. This meeting is typically short (perhaps 15-20 minutes) during which you will need to express everything you want to say concisely and compellingly.

In order to plan and get the most out of your media meeting, here are some key things to keep in mind:

Media Meetings 101

Plan Ahead: Come Prepared with Your Talking Points

This tip may seem simple enough at first thought, but always make sure you have a strong story angle in mind when booking meetings with media. You’ll want to only discuss items relevant to the topics the writer or producer covers. Look ahead: when proposing timing to meet, make sure you consider what topics related to your product will realistically be a fit for the timeframe on which they potentially plan to publish a piece about your business. For example, if you’re trying to get a much-coveted holiday placement, you’ll want to propose that waaaaay ahead of time—not two weeks (or even two months) ahead of Christmas.


Location, Location, Location

Timing and location are essential when it comes to planning a media meeting. Whether you’re going to be in the Tri-state area for a festival or simply capitalized on the fact that the editor of a national magazine would be road-tripping through your city, be sure to keep your eyes and ears out for opportunities to meet with the media!

Planning is Everything

Ahead of planned trips (such as to busy media hotbed New York City), be extra sure that you are leaving sufficient time to book media meetings. Typically, one to two months ahead of when the planned media meetings are set to take place is ideal to begin outreach to media you would like to meet with. Is that always possible? Not necessarily, and you shouldn’t immediately pass on those opportunities when they arise—but when it’s a viable option: plan, plan, plan!

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