Media Pitch Planning 101

Getting your brand press by sharing news of a new product is one thing, but what if you don’t have a new product or brand announcement in the pipeline? That’s where a media pitch plan comes in. Creating a document spanning 6 to 12 months with creative pitch angles is a valuable tool to have in your public relations arsenal to ensure you’re receiving press year-round, new product or not.

Tips For Creating Your Own Media Plan

Create a 6 to 12 Month Timeline

First things first, get your timeline in check. Once you have a month-by-month overview in front of you, it will be easier to work back and fill in the gaps. One way to ensure media find your pitch applicable to what they’re writing is to make sure you’re only pitching timely story angles.

We recommend creating a timeline of no less than 6 months as it will take time and practice to reach the writers you’re wanting to communicate with. With thousands of people reaching them daily to tell their own brand story – time, patience, and creativity in how you pitch your brand is the ticket to breaking through.

Target Your “Wish List” Publications

Next, determine the publications that are the right fit for your brand. This will take research, but the best way to begin is by assessing what publications you like to read, checking out their website, and going from there. Things you’ll want to keep in mind when picking out a publication to target/reach out to:

  • Audience – Are the readers of this publication similar to those that buy your product? If yes, you’re right on track!
  • Reach – Is this a local, regional or national publication? Your pitch will need to be altered based on this.

Once you’ve landed on your publications, dive in and read through the online and print versions, identifying your target writing contacts.

Get Creative With Your Pitches

Using your newly established timeline and target list of publications and writers now is the time to get creative!  Start by pitching monthly to hone in on timely topics – e.g. Side dish hacks using your product for Thanksgiving. Feel free to sprinkle in pitches that touch all sides of your company – the c-suite (new hires, interesting background stories), products (both new and old), and interesting company insights.

We hope this helps you approach your 2022 planning better and even smarter.  Schedule a call with our PR team to brainstorm how we can elevate your brand to news and consumer media!