Produce Marketers, It’s Time to Hit the Books (Or Podcasts)

Ah, March. That time of year when marketers are (hopefully) seeing the results of multiple new marketing strategies they implemented for 2019. However, as fresh produce marketers, we don’t have too much time to bask in those wins: the season of back-to-back tradeshows is upon us! Despite that, we believe it’s important to make time for deepening your knowledge and getting inspired, which means making time for those “luxuries” you may have let slip: books and podcasts! If you don’t already have a go-to list it can be daunting to know where to start, so we’ve compiled some of our current staff favorites. Our hope is that something on this list catches your interest and, just maybe, sparks a creative, personal, or professional breakthrough for you!

If you want to make sure your marketing strategy stays relevant and stands out above commodity-esque competitors:

Check-out: This is Marketing, by marketing guru Seth Godin. When it comes to marketing we’d challenge that no one “gets it” like Seth, the pioneer of permission based marketing. We read his newsletter regularly and his profound insight never fails to challenge us to be smarter marketers.

READ: Chapter Six – Beyond Commodities.


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If you’re a young professional still finding your sea legs – and work life balance – try these:

more quotes -1. (1)Check-Out: The Defining Decade, written by Dr. Meg Jay. According to one of our DMA-ers, this book has verifiably changed her life. Dr. Jay is a clinical psychiatrist who sheds light on the value of your twenties and the incredibly important life development that happens during what can be a chaotic time period. It’s an empowering read that helps people give themselves a little grace to grow. You can also listen to her TED talk about why 30 is not the new 20.

Subscribe to: New Mindset, Who Dis?, hosted by Case Kenny the founder of PSUIT (another newsletter several of us subscribe to). Much like its newsletter, this podcast is dedicated to pushing the upcoming generation of professionals to leave their comfort zone, become who they’re meant to be, and live a fulfilling and balanced life.

We happen to be an office of women in our Dallas office, so if you want to be inspired to be a #bosslady:

Subscribe to: #GirlBoss Radio, hosted by the acclaimed author Sophia Amoruso. Sophia interviews boundary-pushing women on how they learned to own their space in the market. Regardless of your gender, this podcast will challenge you to use your individual tapestry of talents to best serve your clients and industry while also making your own mark.

Check-Out: Girl Wash Your Face, by motivational speaker Rachel Hollis. An unapologetic view of womanhood in work, family, and general life – Hollis challenges you to think beyond what you’ve been told (by yourself and others) you’re “supposed” to be as a means of clearing out the clutter of destructive voices to reach your true potential. 

Read: Chapter 10 – I Should be Further Along by Now.

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Hone your knowledge of the food space:

more quotes -2.Check-Out: Will Write for Food, written by seasoned writer and editor Dianne Jacob. When you write about food all day, as we do, sometimes it can feel like you’ve run out of things to say. This book helps get the creative juices flowing and gives you tools to create more enticing food copy, whether that be on social media, blogs, or a website. 

And That’s Not All: We couldn’t choose just one food podcast to highlight, so here are five more!

  1. Radio Cherry Bombe – Celebrating all the badass women who work in and around the food industry. You can also read our take on one of their recent events here.
  2. Bon Appetit Foodcast – Featuring interviews with chefs, writers, and, well, anyone who has something cool to say about food.
  3. Gastropod – Diving into the science of food with a side of history.
  4. Plated Earth – Investigating specific fresh produce, from nutritional facts to growing practices and history, to help guide future produce exploration.
  5. The Food Chain – Examining the business, scientific and cultural significance of food, and what it takes to put food on your plate.

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