Pumpkins, Pullovers and Planning for Fall

As you know, the fall season is filled with holiday eating occasions for consumers. Is your marketing team capitalizing on the opportunity to capture your target audience’s attention and share content that resonates with them? 

It’s important to remember that while fall 2020 will look a lot different than years past, we can all rest assured that food remains a key point of connection for people. Whether it’s a meal shared around a kitchen table or outdoors cooked over an open flame, delicious and healthy food unites us all, especially during the fall. And the bottom line for fresh produce marketers is, this time of year offers an extraordinary opportunity to connect, inspire and deepen our brands’ relationship with shoppers.

To help you capitalize on the months to come, here are 3 key marketing elements to consider when developing a successful marketing plan for the fall.

1. Focus on Creating Content

We all know that developing a content calendar ahead of each season is a wise marketing move. The question then becomes, “How?”. Here at DMA Solutions we like to start by looking at annual calendars to identify relevant holidays taking place during the upcoming season. We then schedule a team brainstorm to share ideas, pitch content sharing opportunities, and create ways for our clients to connect with their audiences for the season ahead. Finally, we create excel documents to organize our ideas, determine content share dates, and assign out different initiatives to different individuals on the team.
Pro tip: We highly recommend sharing your excel documents via Google Sheets. That way, whether you are working in the office or on your couch, everyone has visibility into the content plan and can make real-time updates. 


2. Recognize the Importance of Relevant Photography

It’s simple, high-quality photography bodes better for brands. It elevates your brand image and creates a positive perception of the quality of your products. Plus, it entices engagement from your audience via clicks, likes, and comments. 

Yet, did you know that sharing relevant, high-quality photography that aligns with your brand message actually helps you stay top of mind for consumers longer? According to a recent statistic from Hubspot, “When people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later.” Therefore, as you develop your fall photography strategy, it’s important to make sure that your images align with your content. 


3. Blog…Frequently

Earlier this year we reiterated the importance of using your blog to connect with your audience amidst these uncertain times. Taking that one step further, it’s not enough to just create content that resonates, you must do it regularly. According to recent study, “Companies that publish 16+ blog posts per month generated 4.5x more leads than companies publishing 0-4 monthly.” This should reinforce the importance of creating a robust content plan that keeps your team and your fall seasonal messaging organized. 


Now is the time to focus on fall! Get creative, outline an effective plan, and create photography that matches your message for a FUN and successful fall marketing season. 


Need support creating a content plan or capturing beautiful and smart photography that resonates with your audience? Contact us today!