Reach More Consumers With These Five Tips

Want to reach new consumers? What about boost your consumer engagement? One way to do BOTH of these things is by hosting a consumer promotion! By hosting a consumer promotion, fresh produce brands have the opportunity to communicate directly with their target audience. DMA Solutions has helped several of our clients expand their reach and boost engagement through consumer promotions, and over the years, we’ve learned what makes them successful.

Here Are 5 Tips To Reach More Consumers

Create an in-store component for your promotion

Feature your promotion on-pack and support with an in-store component to maximize your impressions and engagement. Sell this to retailers with a one-pager, or even surprise them with a special mailer. LGS Sales did this to promote the One Step at a Time promotion in 2020, and received stellar results, including a 20% increase in sales! 


Advertise your promotion on social media

Adjust the targeting and budget on your social media ads so that more people see your ad and click on your landing page. In Natural Delights Medjool Dates’ Ultimate Energy Sweepstakes earlier this year, they received over 11,000 website visits from social media alone!


Add valuable messaging to your promotion landing page

Since you’re expanding your reach with targeting on social media, this might be the first time that someone is hearing of your brand! Give them helpful information that benefits them, such as how-to tips, recipes, or nutritional information. Just make sure that you have the form (or a button that leads to the form) visible on the landing page without having to scroll. Our friends at California Giant Berry Farms are doing a great job of this with their latest promotion, Happiness Harvested! They have a button at the top of the page that leads to the form, and they are also providing valuable content!

calgiant_happiness harvested

Don’t just ask for an email address on your entry form

This is a great opportunity to learn more about your consumers! Ask thoughtful questions that can give you insight into shopper behavior. Ask how the entrant learned about the promotion, where they shop, or even how often they shop! Just make sure that you’re not asking too many questions. We recommend asking 1-2 additional questions aside from contact information so that the promotion is still easy to enter.

Most importantly, keep your new audience engaged after the promotion ends

These consumers cared enough about your brand to enter the promotion. Keep them engaged by sending regular emails and writing regular blog posts that will be useful for them!

Need help with your next consumer promotion? Let’s chat. Our team of marketers can help you maximize your budget to help make your next consumer promotion your best one.